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The Weekly Comic – Parshas Vayeira

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  • 1. awesome design wrote:

    its a great way to put avraham in modrn times but i dont really get how it has to do with the parsha

  • 2. wrote:

    To “awesome design”:

    It says to look in Genesis Chapter 18 Verse 3 in Rashi.

    Genesis Chapter 18 Verse 3 reads as follows;
    “And he said, ”My lords, if only I have found favor in your eyes, please do not pass on from beside your servant.”

    Rashi asks what does the verse mean, and one of the explanation he gives is; he was telling the Holy One, blessed be He, to wait for him until he would run and bring in the wayfarers.

    Basically Rashi is saying that Avraham asked Hashem to hold on a minute while I invite the guest in.

  • 3. avi wrote:

    i lovd the picture in the corner…me, yitzi, and the ram! very cute. keep it up!

  • 6. Shmuli wrote:

    I Don’t like, although last week I think I was your only supporting comment.

    1) I think it’s wrong to quote such statements, which seems like apikurses, if one hasn’t learnt the Rashi (unless you’re trying to get people to learn that Rashi).

    2) I don’t see how this would be considered "Modern-Day" with the fire place and that antique style phone (unless you’re over 65 and to you that is Moder Day.

    Either way, keep up the great drawings.

  • 7. Welcome to the 21st century! wrote:

    He can’t be that "modern-day" if he’s using a dial telephone, not a push-button phone or a cell phone!

    Seriously, though, well done.

  • 8. Duby L. wrote:

    I LOVED THE COMIC !!!!!!!! it was awesome! Whoever drew it, it very talented and it was really funny.

    Needless to say, i was waiting to see who the dude was going to be who was going to be the negative force … and of course there he was……

    what happened to "if you dont have something nice to say, then shut up?"

    I think its awesome that is always looking for better ways to improve and bring exciting new dimensions to its readers. Kol Hakavod!!!!!

  • 9. duckie wrote:

    The duck became a chossid! Love the picture… what does the vase say on it?
    and shmuli – there were other supporting comments!
    my only complaint – post the rashi next time cuz i did NOT get it until i saw the quote…
    and when WAS the last time i saw a dial phone?

  • 10. Zvi from Montreal wrote:

    Heh heh. Very cute again.

    He’d probably have 4 escalators as well in order to enter his house.

  • 11. s.z.w. wrote:

    y are Avraham’s only guests birds?????
    I’m feeling kinda bad for him….

  • 12. duckie wrote:

    Duby – this week has actually been pretty free of negative comments. even those with criticism said they like the comic.

  • 13. good shabbos wrote:

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! so well done the details are as funny as the actual main point. Plus it encourages people to learn the Rashi from this parsha to get the joke….gREAT JOB!!!!

  • 17. m.s. wrote:

    to duckie:

    "what does the vase say on it?"

    (it’s on top of the fireplace also people like smoking) !


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