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The Weekly Comic – Parshas Lech Lecha

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  • 2. duckie wrote:

    yay! duckie’s back! but im jealous of e.s….
    love this one! another classic.

  • 3. early Arle wrote:

    I haven’t pictured the scene in detail before, but from now on I’ll be seeing this ‘view’ for just a (very funny) moment. Great colors and layout.

    The humor ‘wakes me up’ and then I’m ready to really study the partah and Rashi, especially looking up the pasuk to which the cartoon refers.

  • 5. a sister of a boy from class dag wrote:

    dear levi
    we are learning lech lecha in chumash class
    one of the girls brought in this comice to class today
    and me and my sis got all excited cuz we know you!!
    have a good shabbos
    kept up with the great work!!

  • 6. Unacceptable comic wrote:

    Please think before you post comics on your website.
    To make a joke that associates Sara Imeinu with a Barbie doll is unacceptable.

    Barbie dolls are extremely inappropriate dolls for children to play with:
    *They send a terrible message that you need to have the same figure/face as a Barbie in order to be considered pretty
    *It is a doll meant for children yet has the figure of an adult, it is therefore not age appropriate
    *They are largely very not tzniudike dolls, the images and lifestyle associated with Barbie dolls is downright ‘prust’.
    Children should not play with these types of dolls, rather with dolls that- -look like children/young girls,
    -are tzniudikally dressed,
    -have no ‘pruste’ connection,
    -build a healthy self-image for girls.
    Barbies and Barbie look-alike dolls should be banned from homes. Children are very affected by what they see, touch, and play with and will often imitate activities associated with their dolls/toys. It is not for naught that the Rebbe instructed us to suround our children with ‘kosher’ images and items only.
    Please screen your comics before they are seen by hundreds of people.
    Thank you

  • 7. d.s. wrote:

    I think a little respect for Sorah Imeinu is needed. She is one of the most righteous woman in Jewish history as well as the mother of us all. If we look at it from that angle, the cartoon is really not called for.

  • 11. Shmuli wrote:

    I think this comic is very cute and I don’t think it is disrespectful to Sara Imeinu in any way. On the contrary, it brings out the story very well.

  • 12. aggravated wrote:

    you crown heighters need to lighten up! First of all if youre so concerned about your children not seeing innapropriate images they wouldnt be allowed on the internet in the first place. Secondly, the picture itself wasnt drawn like a barbie doll looks.I just realized this whole thing is pointless-if youre close-minded and living in a box, this wont really help you.

  • 13. unrespectful???? wrote:

    its not showing that sarah is a barbie,
    it’s showing that avraham was trying to cover her up so this is an excuse he made up.

    (very cute comic!!!)

  • 14. m.n wrote:

    its just a joke the barbie thing is fine and if you dont like them then dont look at it its fine for the rest of us so "shvige"

    p.s. levi very very funny

  • 15. New in Manhattan wrote:

    I understand the criticism, but really the point is NOT tha Sarah Imainu is a Barbie, but just a joke about Avraham’s trying to fool the Egyptians.


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