• kingshlomofan

    When Shlomo Hamelech became king, he WAS still a child. G-d promised to bless him with great wisdom and indeed did so. This cartoon makes his judgment appear as childish and unrealistic as a toddler’s judgment. However, reading the original verses without commentary doesn’t appear much better… Actually, I wouldn’t know what to think without the insight provided by Chassidus to this episode. This great man not only wrote and spoke parables, but also acted parables. Why make him seem ridiculous? C’mon, he lead us to the spiritual and physical height of our ENTIRE history! Foreign kings streamed to him for wisdom and guidance – they certainly didn’t come to play Lego. Anyhow, have a good Shabbos and keep up the creativity (just watch were it lands – on its head, not its feet)!

  • berkeley gal

    oh cmon! this was hysterical! classic parsha comic humor. i loved it! jews are allowed to have a sense of humor. no one was trying to mock the greatness of king shlomo. just having a little fun.

  • Please tell us a good joke king shlomo

    A natural, knee-jerk response in either direction…
    In the Jewish society of today, even mild criticism of any source of mirth or fun is terribly “unsocial,” stiflingly “old time” – not to mention incredibly “small-minded”… The Torah and its figures are meant to be taken with a pinch of salt and a six pack of diet soda; defend our right to have a little fun – so be it G-d!
    And as for humor… the cute comic in question was undeniably, laugh-till-you-roll-out-of-your-computer-chair hysterical, wasn’t it?
    On second thoughts, perhaps it was a just a teeny bit less than absolutely hysterical, perhaps not quite one hundred percent amusing and mature, and perhaps even a millionth of a hairbreadth sacrilegious.
    But who cares?!? Don’t deny a Jew his “Fun” – that’s the name of the new religion. One who adheres to it is considered “Funny”…