• city chick

    I’ve been following your comics for about a year now. Yasher Koach- they’re cute, clever and probably often quite hard to think up!

    The thing is Tzaddikim are in an entirely different league. They are holy, with Neshamos from higher worlds and all…
    These comics come across as a tad disrespectful though. In a lighthearted fun way, but our attitude towards Tzaddikim is to be in awe and reverence..

    Love them though! To save you having to draw the face of a Tzaddik maybe adapt the comics slightly so that its a modern day character facing a situation where s/he can learn from the Haftara?

  • yossi

    Yaakov avinu actually got married before the fourteen years. He worked 14 years to fulfill his promise after he married Leah and Rochel, one week apart from each other.

  • AH

    Yossi: actually, he worked for seven years, married Leah and then Rochel, and then worked for another seven years to fulfill his promise.

  • Levi Welton

    I stand corrected.
    Yaakov Avinu didn’t have to wait a full 14 years before he got married like AH wrote.