• chaim

    since when do Dovid and BasSheva wear matching clothing? actually it looks more like a hospital uniform

  • lubavitch

    kneeling? excuse me? did we forget the lesson of purim?

    And why does this have to get involved in the yechi nonsense?

  • moshiachnow

    Shabbos Parshas Toldos Tof Shin Nun Beis the Rebbe says:
    The proclamation of Yechi Adoni Hamelech Dovid Li’olam” is the revelation of the metzius of Moshiach in the world.

  • AH

    To lubavitch:

    Never mind the lesson of Purim; did you read the actual posuk referenced?

    “Bas Sheva knelt with her face to the ground and bowed before the king; and she said….”