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This Weeks Comic! – Haftorah Parshas Chayei Sarah!

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Click Here for the last years Parsha Comic

Click Here for the English Text of the Haftorah


  • 2. lubavitch wrote:

    kneeling? excuse me? did we forget the lesson of purim?

    And why does this have to get involved in the yechi nonsense?

  • 3. chaim wrote:

    since when do Dovid and BasSheva wear matching clothing? actually it looks more like a hospital uniform

  • 5. moshiachnow wrote:

    Shabbos Parshas Toldos Tof Shin Nun Beis the Rebbe says:
    The proclamation of Yechi Adoni Hamelech Dovid Li’olam” is the revelation of the metzius of Moshiach in the world.

  • 6. berkeleygal wrote:

    awesome ;) it’s nice to see that not everyone takes everything so seriously…

  • 8. AH wrote:

    To lubavitch:

    Never mind the lesson of Purim; did you read the actual posuk referenced?

    “Bas Sheva knelt with her face to the ground and bowed before the king; and she said….”

  • 9. mashpia wrote:

    too skinny (you gotta be awesome, as usual. LOVE the yechi guy..


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