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The Weekly Comic! – Haftora Parshas Nitzavim!

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Click Here for the English Text of the Haftorah


  • 2. not very impressed. wrote:

    i dont think that this comic is appropriate, what are we trying to portray , that all woman who want there husbands to rejoice must look like the idiotic blonde barbie type.
    I dont think this is even an appropriate representation (even for a comic) for Kimsos CHoson al Kallah.
    I hope the humor and messages get better.

  • 4. anon wrote:

    not very impressed:wow this comic seems to have hit a sore spot with u. how bout u just relax and save it for someone who cares…

  • 5. im a RED head wrote:

    very nice nothing wrong with a blond girl
    all the jokes you hear of are NARESHCKAIT

  • 9. Mushky G. wrote:

    this comic is totally inappropiate…because guys with brown beards NEVER marry girls with blonde hair.
    Also, because guys never really get this happy over getting married.

  • 10. s.r. wrote:

    is this really the message of the haftorah???
    i don’t think you should be interpreting the message this way.
    please be more accurate and appropriate next time.


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