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The Weekly Comic! – Parshas Yisro!

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  • 1. Rabbi Abe wrote:

    One of the best i have seen. Cracks me up. keep up the good work levi, and thank you for posting these masterpieces.

  • 3. rivky wrote:

    I just wanted to say I enjoy your comics and I come on this website just to see these comics every week!
    Thanks so much for the entertainment.

  • 4. No kidding! PLEASE! wrote:

    Since when has Torah become a piece of artistic mockery?
    Even my kids, when they see this, make comments on the distastefull way this so called “weekly comic strips” try to portray the “light side of Torah”….
    There is no light side! This is Torah we are talking about! The masterpiece of masterpieces!
    And quite a few times your so called “comics” have had offending connotations, particularly regarding women. Not so light… more like quite heavy! Lighten up on the mockery, it doesn’t suit who we are and what we represent: a light unto the nations. No “mosquitos (read mockery!)” around our light, please!

  • 5. Mushky Gezinsky wrote:

    To “No Kidding Please.”

    You are totally out of line.
    If you look up the Rebbes sicha, you will see that there is a clear Midrash that says EXACTLY what the artist portrayd. That Hashem made the “mosquitos” not bite or bother the Jews on the night before Matan Torah. The obvious question is why, if the Jews sleeping wasn’t a good thing and the Rebbe goes on to explain why they slept.
    But, out of all the comics to complain about, this one is EXACTLY the idea of that Midrash, And it’s expressed in a very cute way.

    Obviously, you didnt look up the sicha and thought the artist was just “making up” a comic about what HE thought the mosquitos were doing! Not true, it’s what the Midrash TELLS us the mosquitos were doing.

    Nest time , please look up the sicha before commenting.

  • 6. mashpia wrote:

    to mushky gezinsky: that is very true, thanks for clarifying that for the person who likes to bash people( no kidding! please!), his/her BIG mistake….levi, this one’s awsum!!!!!!
    and, to ”no kidding! PLEASE!”:
    just PLEASE get a life before you start making up lies……..

  • 7. berkeley gal wrote:

    my favorite part of it is the “annoying high pitched noise” thingie. where can i get me one of those…?
    but the bigger question is…. WHERES THE DUCK??


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