The Last Night of Chanukah At Georgetown Chabad

Chanukah was filled with constant activity for Chabad of Georgetown in Brooklyn. After their successful children’s party on the first night, Shliach Rabbi Avrohom Holtzberg had Bochurim go each night of Chanukah to all the Jewish homes in the neighborhood where they distributed a total of over 2,000 Menorahs and Sufganiyot.

On the last night, as per recent tradition, a Public Menorah Lighting was performed at the Local Fairway Supermarket. Known to be a beautiful event, hundreds of community members attended along with their families and friends to stand together as a proud and vibrant Jewish community on this last night of Chanukah. It was especially heartwarming to see everyone so united, singing and dancing with such pride; truly an uplifting scene.

Brilliantly M.C.’d by the highly regarded Rabbi Shea Hecht, everyone listened intently as he explained the lessons of Chanukah; to add more light and positivity to the world. Everyone left feeling upbeat and with Chanukah Souvenirs.

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