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Chanukah Lights Bring Warmth to Russian Winter

About 100 Jews gathered in the courtyard of the main Synagogue of Smolensk, Russia, to celebrate the first night of Chanukah.

The first candle was lit by the city’s chief rabbi, Levi Yitzchok Mondshein.

Attending the event was the governor of the Smolensk region Mr. Alexei Ostrovski, chairman of the regional assembly Mr. Igor Liachov, and mayor of the city Mr. Nikolai Alashayiv.

The lighting ceremony was followed by joyous dancing to Chanukah music and traditional Chanukah treats.

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  • 3. Giving the Rebbe Nachas wrote:

    What a beautiful young army of shluchim ! Making all their grandparents and great grandparents proud. The mesiras nefesh of the previous generation sows the seeds for the present one.

  • 4. Smolensk wrote:

    Smolensk is the closest yidishe shtetel to Lubavitch
    Rabbi Mondshein deserves tons of credit for doing the Rebbe’s holy work and shlichus in freezing cold temperatures.
    We wish him continued hatzlocho iy”h


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