This Chanukah, Chabad was the #1 Destination on the Web

Chabad is the known leader in Jewish information and education on the web, as highlighted by an independent study conducted by JInsider which termed as the Jewish “Brand leader”.

However, this Chanukah, managed to break some of its own records: Over Chanukah, reached 2.1 millionhouseholds who accessed over six million pages.’s network of 1,300 Shluchim’s websites also experienced high traffic with some 350,000 people visiting shluchim’s local sites, accessing 1.1 million pages of content.

Here is some of the story, by the numbers:

2.1 million (2,109,653) unique households visited during Chanukah this year.

6 million (6,003,839) pages were accessed in eight different languages (our Russian site alone had more than 50,000 page views)

350,000 visitors accessed over 1.1 million pages on shluchim’s local sites.

158,062 videos were watched on Jewish.TV

32,342 Chanukah songs were played (that’s enough Chanukah songs were played to last 308.4 days non-stop)

39,583 latke recipe pages were printed (it is approximated that, 435,413 latkes were fried-up from recipes downloaded from

112,861 played the Chanukah blessings

97,921 people received Chanukah greeting cards from friends (the jury is still out on how many trees were saved) referred more than 60,000 people to Shluchim’s local websites and events

Websites of all types also featured’s Chanukah resources, from news sites large (e.g., the Associated Press and Wall Street Journal) and small (e.g.,, to educational ones (e.g., Scholastic), to professional ball clubs (e.g. the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning), to personal blogs and Facebook pages of all types, including thousands who linked directly to shluchim’s local sites.

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