Lubavitch Candidate Wins Town Council Seat For Bay Harbor Islands


Lubavitcher Ezzy Rappaport has sailed through a local election in the Bay Harbor Islands of Miami to win a seat on the seven member Town Council. This is a major win for the local Jewish community.

“I love living in Bay Harbor Islands and it’s a great place to raise a family,” Rappaport was quoted as saying. “While our exponential growth has brought immense challenges, I believe that our best days are yet ahead of us, by working together for the greater good of our community and future.”

Rappaport’s win comes along with the reelection of Vice Mayor Joshua Fuller, with both Fuller and Rappaport heading into office for four year terms.

Both Fuller and Rappaport’s campaigns were backed by the local Jewish community, and brought in 37.24% and 36.30% of the vote respectively. The next runner up, Kathleen Kennedy, saw only 14.07% of the vote.

A native of Toronto, Rappaport, 52, has been a resident of the Bay Harbor Islands for a decade and is taking the seat of former Mayor Elizabeth Tricoche, who is leaving office after eight years.

According to Rappaport’s campaign website, the South Florida Council of Firefighters and South Florida Police Benevolent Association backed his campaign.


  • Jorge Loco

    Op-ed is about how kashrus is so important!

    And here you call this Rappaport a Luvabicher?

    You can call him a ex luvabicher student, friend of Chabad etc, however this is not a Luvabicher

  • Eitan Zimerman

    Mazal Tov Ezzy on this incredible accomplishment. You are a true role model to the Lubavitch community.

  • Leible Pinson

    Glad to see one of our own taking such an important role in the community. Congratulations from the entire international Lubavitch community.

  • Chaim Potok

    Ezzy is a Dugmah Chaya of what it means to be a Lubavitcher who spreads light to his community. Keep up the amazing work!!!

    • Tomim

      “a Dugmah Chaya of what it means to be a [LIGHT] Lubavitcher who spreads [Lubavitch] light to his community”,,,

      Lubavitch Light is NOT Lubavitch, just as Reform is not Frum.

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