5783, A Look Back at CrownHeights.info

As we enter the year 5784, let us take a walk down memory lane to see what news articles from this past year made the biggest impacts. With over 500,000 visitors making millions of visits to CrownHeights.info, the website continues to be a leading provider of Breaking News and important updates for the Crown Heights and Chabad community.

1. For The First Time In Years, The Labor Day Festivities Spilled out in Front, and Onto the Steps, of 770

Year after year, as tens of thousands of revelers from across the tri-state area and beyond descended on Eastern Parkway for the famous Labor Day Parade, the NYPD would set up a series of double barricades in front of 770. This provided safe passage too and from the entrance of the building and ensured that a perimeter was kept to keep the revelers away. This year, that was missing.

In its place, the NYPD had simply placed a single line of metal barricades that went from the corner of Eastern Parkway and Kingston Ave past the Even Hapina, leaving the entire Kingston Ave steps and ramp to the women’s section wide open to passers-by. Those passers-by took full advantage, sitting on the steps and using the ramp to view the festivities.

Read More at: https://crownheights.info/crown-heights-news/833984/for-the-first-time-since-the-crown-heights-riots-the-labor-day-festivities-spilled-out-in-front-and-onto-the-steps-of-770/

2. Op-Ed: Mendy Pellin, This is No Joke!

There has never been a devout, bearded Chasid who has sat comfortably in front of a camera and confessed that he is attracted to children. Now, there is one. Gershon. And his confession has been viewed by almost 150 thousand people – on its first day of release.

This video is just as disgusting as it is enlightening. It brings you into the mind of a child predator who has lost control of his vile desires. For all those who have said or thought until now that we don’t have such problems in our community, here is your proof. This podcast series is great for those who’ve had their head buried in the sand. I wonder if any will watch it.

Read More at: https://crownheights.info/op-ed/829594/op-ed-mendy-pellin-this-is-no-joke/

3. Hate Crime Cover Up Exposed in the 71st Precinct After Jewish Man Assaulted by Hate Spewing Teens

A female police officer in Crown Heights’s 71st NYPD Precinct – who decided to cover up a possible hate crime – is now in the hot seat after the enraged victim went public with his shocking story.

The incident unfolded Motzei Shabbos on Eastern Parkway alongside Rochester Park between Utica Ave and Rochester Ave around 2:15am when the Jewish victim and two friends were approached by a group of five black male teenagers. One of the group suddenly veered towards the victim, saying “You [Expletive] Jewish murderers” as he slapped him in the back of the head and knocking his yarmulka off.

Read More at: https://crownheights.info/crime/816772/hate-crime-cover-up-exposed-in-the-71st-precinct-after-jewish-man-assaulted-by-hate-spewing-teens/

4. Railroad Pizza Held Up Last Monday Night, Threatened and Robbed

Two masked and gloved thugs entered Railroad Pizza in Crown Heights one Monday night in May, holding up the store owner and robbing him.

Crown Heights Shomrim received the call for help soon after the robbers left, and armed with the stores surveillance footage which they provided to the NYPD, they joined the officers in searching for the two masked suspects. Despite a clear description and direction of flight, the two thugs managed to evade the law.

Read More at: https://crownheights.info/crime/820865/railroad-pizza-held-up-last-monday-night-threatened-and-robbed/

5. Crown Heights History: Why Is This House Different Than All Other Houses?

Why is this house different than all other houses?

1481 Carroll Street is a house that remains unassuming, yet it caught my attention during my walks, leading me to delve into its history.

Read More at: https://crownheights.info/crown-heights-news/829382/crown-heights-history-why-is-this-house-different-than-all-other-houses/

6. Major Scam Uncovered After Scammers Change Online Customer Service Numbers For Major Airlines

Hi, how can we scam you?

A major scam was uncovered Sunday by a Crown Heights resident after a Delta flight he was booked on was canceled, and he looked on Google for the Customer Service number.

Read More at: https://crownheights.info/general/828646/breaking-major-scam-uncovered-after-scammers-change-online-customer-service-numbers-for-major-airlines/

7. Mazal Tov! Shluchim to Castro Valley Welcome Their Fourth Set of Twins

It’s a double Mazal Tov for the fourth time as Rabbi Shimon and Chanie Gruzman, the Shluchim to Castro Valley California, welcomed their fourth set of twins to the family.

“I do think sometimes it’s crazy,” said Chanie told jweekly, “but by now — the fourth one — I think I was ready for this one. The other three? I think we were like, no way, not again?”

Read More at: https://crownheights.info/chabad-news/818734/mazal-tov-shluchim-to-castro-valley-welcome-their-fourth-set-of-twins/

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