Lubavitch Hatzolah Volunteer in Los Angeles Receives Medal of Valor From The State of California


At an EMS week event hosted by the State of California this week, a Lubavitcher was being honored among forty two other Emergency Medical Practitioners for his valor and heroism when he provided life saving care under extreme conditions.

Menachem Boganim, a Nurse Practitioner who volunteers with Hatzolah of Los Angeles – Tarzana Division under the unit designation LA42, responded to a call for an unresponsive patient on April 30th, 2022, just outside a Shul. Just after arriving, heavy gunfire erupted from a nearby robbery in progress, effectively rendering the scene unsafe.

According to reports, Menachem noticed a group of children playing outside and immediately ran to them. Shielding them with his body, Menachem rushed the children inside and ensured that the Shul was barricaded.

The police arrived soon after and Menachem rendered medical care to the original unconscious victim.

The robbery claimed the life of one person, and had targeted a Marijuana dispensary located just doors from the shul. The Shul’s Rabbi, Rabbi Yossi Malka, told The Los Angeles Times that there were 30 congregants inside the shul at the time.

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  • Kleins

    Yasher Koach Menachem! We are so lucky to have you keeping our community safe! M’chayil l’chayil!!!

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