Photo: Shlomo Vishinsky | Courtesy Zev Markowitz / Chai Art Gallery - For Display and View Only

Never Before Seen Photos Of The Rebbe By The Chassidic Art Institute In Crown Heights


A series of never-before-seen images of the Rebbe have been developed by Zev Markowitz, the director of the Chassidic Art Institute on Kingston Ave, bringing historic moments to life through the lens of famed photographer Shlomo Vishinsky. The Rebbe in the 70’s guided in starting the gallery, which was the first prominent Chassidic Art Institute.

Vishinsky was not a Lubavitcher or even exceptionally religious, but the Soviet Union born photographer became attracted to the Rebbe after emigrating to Brooklyn.

Vishinsky, who specialized in scenic photography, had met Mr. Markowitz in Crown Heights and was compelled by Mr. Markowitz to take photographs of the Rebbe. Upon meeting the Rebbe during a visit to 770, he decided to spend a great deal of his time photographing the Rebbe.

A highly professional photographer, Vishinsky’s photos were considered to be the best and most artistic taken of the Rebbe. Vishinsky’s love for the work took over his life. He made a living by selling his photography, and eventually moved to a home on Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights.

Vishinsky remained by the Rebbe, photographing the Rebbe’s public life until the terrible day of Gimmel Tammuz in 1994. For years after, Vishinsky remained in Crown Heights. And while exclusively collaborating with Mr. Markowitz, he would also be seen selling his iconic photos in 770.

Vishinsky eventually transferred the copyrights to his entire and extensive collection of rebbe photography to Zev Markowitz. To date, only a handful of these iconic photos were ever developed professionally. A drive to professionally develop these photos has begun, with new photos being released today on the Chassidic Art Institute’s website.

The release of never before seen Rebbe photos also comes with another special posting, that of two paintings of Zalman Kleinman, considered to be one of the most sought after Chabad painters of Chasidic art.

While Zev Markowitz is the copyrights holder for the Vishinsky Rebbe photography collection, he also exclusively manages and represents Kleinman art. Mrs. Rosa Kleinman is the current rights holder of the Kleinman art. Much of what currently is made possible is credited to the immense contribution of Mrs. Kleinman’s children.

All media by Shlomo Vishinsky and Zalman Kleinman are under copyright protection, with the only authorized seller and licensor currently being Mr. Markowitz at the Chassidic Art Institute. To purchase a photo or painting, contact the Institute at 375 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn NY 11213 – (718) 774-9149

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