Expand770: Let’s Make the Rebbe Smile Again

by Levik Jacobson

Thirty four years ago the Rebbe smiled a smile that the world will never forget!

David Chase invited the Rebbe to break ground for the expansion of 770, he called it the new Beis Hamikdosh. The Rebbe first asked if he was talking about, “Here in Crown Heights,” and then the Rebbe responded that a, “Jew is always making a deal”. The Rebbe said that he will attend if David Chase will say a few words in Yiddish.

At the ground breaking, David Chase spoke and at the conclusion of his speech he said the following few words in Yiddish, “איך ליבע דיר זייער זייער סאך ראביי”, (I love you very very much Rabbi).

After those words the Rebbe broke out with arguably the greatest smile ever recorded.

The Rebbe’s desire for expansion is expressed throughout the years:

In a farbrengen on 12 Tammuz 5720, the Rebbe said that the fact that farbrengens occur in other locations — not in the place in which the Frierdiker Rebbe spent ten years with mesiras nefesh — causes more than, “tzaar”! The Rebbe concluded with a wish that 770 should be built with enough space to hold 5,000 people, and ultimately even 10,000 people!

And just four months before Chof Zayin Adar, on 20 cheshvan 5752, the Rebbe published the Kuntres Beis Rabeinu Shebibavel in relation to the expansion.

In the kuntres, the Rebbe encourages each and every Jew to get involved in expanding 770 in a similar way every Jew has on obligation to help build the Beis Hamikdosh.

This Shabbos is the Rebbetzin’s birthday and in two weeks is the Rebbe’s birthday, every Jew is surely looking for a way to give the Rebbe a birthday gift.

“נחת רוח לפני שאמרתי ונעשה רצוני

It is a pleasure for me, that I have said something and my will was fulfilled.”

The nachas each and every one of us can bring to the Rebbe by fulfilling the Rebbe’s ratzon and participating in making the expansion happen, is enough to fuel all the energy and determination we need to make the expansion a reality.

The Rebbe wants each and every Jew to have the privilege of making him smile, and therefore called upon every single Jew to participate.

You can make the Rebbe smile again!

The expansion is waiting for each and every one of us, and we each have a unique role in promoting the expansion. Don’t be too late to the party, like we read in this week’s parsha about the donations to the mishkan, let’s act quickly and make the Rebbe smile again by making the expansion happen today.

Ask yourself if you can do more in order to expand 770.

Talk to your friends and family, talk to people who you believe play an important role in the expansion.

Voice your support of expansion through purchasing a yard sign, or writing an article, or posting a video.

Visit Expand770.com and make a donation, sign the petition, learn and teach the Kuntres Beis Rabeinu Shebibavel, or join our other initiatives.

But above all, make it your personal business to fulfill the Rebbe’s ratzon to expand 770.

With hopes for the immediate revelation of Moshiach Tzidkeinu teikef umiyad mamosh.

Chazak chazak venischazek,

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  • Mushkie

    In the article (and on website) you are asking for donations.

    Please explain exactly what these donations are for?

    Collecting money when, as of now, no expansion is planned via AGUCH or GABBOYIM requires explanation!!!