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“It’s Not Enough to Love Devora Benjamin”, Today Is the Day To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

Dear Fellow Shluchim and Anash

I’m putting my thoughts on paper in the hope that you will all take a minute to think, just think, if you were personally helped by KSCVK at the most joyous and stressful time of your lives – the weeks prior to the wedding of your beloved children. Thousands of Chasanim and Kallahs have been helped and that is without exaggeration. Hello?? Where are you all now? Times are tough and that’s putting it mildly, but at least visit their campaign site and give $18! Even $10. And ask 10 friends or relatives to give $18. Even $10.

Just as a show of Hakaras Hatov to the awesome work of this incredible organization.
It’s not enough to “love Devora Benjamin”.
It is not hard to love Devora Benjamin.
Everyone loves Devora Benjamin.

But today is the day to put your money where your mouth is.

Hakaras Hatov is one of the most cherished Mitzvos and is an expression of basic mentchlichkeit.

This website should be crashing as we speak. Can Every chosson and Kallah, every mother and father who has been helped in the last 30 years, please take a few minutes to donate and to make some calls and forward this campaign to at least 10 people?
Nudge a little.

Remember the relief you felt knowing that Devora and her team would be there for you.

And just do it now. $18. Even $10. Just to let them know we didn’t forget their care and concern and that we are rooting for them even if we can’t give them a hefty sum.

A grateful mother and shlucha.

Donate Now!

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  • $10, $18, $5,783.00

    Devorah once paid a caterer with just the coins that were dropped in to her red bucket!!!

    All the little bits really do add up. And are appreciated. Please give what you can.

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