Last Year’s Grand Split Winner Buys A Condo

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The internationally acclaimed Ten Yad Grand-Split drawing is one week away, and your chance to win hundreds of grand is just a click away.

In fact, last year’s grand-split prize grossed more than 700 grand. Yes, you read it correctly, the pot rose to more than 700 thousand dollars, and one winner was delighted to take home her share.

Miss Lapidus from Argentina, last year’s grand split winner, recalls her mother hanging up on the caller from Ten Yad, “she thought it was a mistake, so she just hung up. But once we realized it was real, we were ecstatic and thankful to Hashem.”

When asked how she used the prize money, Miss Lapidus shared, “In addition to helping scores of people, I was also able to buy a condo in Argentina”

The grand split’s colossal sum of money you can win is life-changing and it is rising every day. 

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The drawing is less than a week away, this Wednesday, November 30th, so hurry today and get in the grand split.

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