The “Gabboim” are Challenging the Rebbe and the Rebbe’s Signature!!

Crown Heights, Brooklyn — Last week the Hebrew new site exposed that at the court hearing of the Aguch vs. the so-called Gabboim of 770-downstairs last week, the Gabboim claimed that the Rebbe’s instructions in 1990 to restate the laws of Aguch was done illegally.

Ever since that article was posted there has been a lot of confusion surrounding this issue and readers demanding to show documents that prove that the so-called Gabboim did in fact act in such a despicable manner. The readers said that they – the Gabboim – provided documents showing clearly what they claimed in court and so those supporting Aguch should do the same.

One of the Gabboim’s accusations is that Aguch claimed in court that the Rebbe’s words are “irrelevant,” G-d forbid. After examining the papers that both sides submitted to the court one finds that the word “irrelevant” was indeed mentioned in court but referring to something else completely. Aguch’s claim was that the Gabboim’s request to show them various documents is irrelevant (the document is attached here).

Since many in Anash are not familiar with the controversy, here is a chronology of events (backed up by documents):

The judge is decisive in his ruling as to who are the real owners of the building – 770:

Over a year ago a complaint was filed in a N.Y. court against a number of Bochurim who defaced and damaged the facade of the 770 building, an incident which was later dubbed the “stone controversy” (when they defiled the inscription on the stone on the wall outside at the entrance of 770 downstairs)

The complaint was filed against the Bochurim, not against the Gabboim. But surprisingly, the so called Gabboim of the Shul in 770 appeared in court and claimed that they are the rightful owners of the place and only they determine what goes on in the building.

At that trial the judge issued a decisive ruling that Aguch is the sole owner of the 770 building. The so-called Gabboim immediately appealed this ruling in order to prevent their eviction from the building. The judge accepted their appeal and said that a separate hearing should be scheduled to rule on their appeal.

(Incidentally, the judge is a religious Jew who has the Rebbe’s picture hanging on the wall in his chambers)

During one of the hearings that took place last week, the lawyers representing the Gabboim changed their line of defense and challenged the status of the members of Agudas Chasidei Chabad that were appointed by the Rebbe. The judge responded to this: “I am involved in these types of cases for 26 years, first as a real estate attorney, then landlord tenant court and now as Supreme Court Judge, never once have I heard that the party being ejected should come in and challenge bonifides of the owners. This is not your issue to raise in this court”.

1990: The Rebbe makes changes:

Where from does Aguch draw its authority and power? Until 1990 every Chossid could be a member of Agudas Chasidei Chabad. (This is mentioned in the sichos of the previous Rebbe and brought in as evidence during the Seforim trial in the mid 1980’s).

In 1990 the Rebbe decided to change the By-Laws and signed a document (attached below) appointing 20 trustees of Aguch that only they are members in Aguch, and they are the only people who have the authority and power to decide and determine Chabad policy.

A senior Shliach in the U.S. told “One can see how far the Rebbe’s vision was then. You can’t imagine what kind of destruction would have occurred if the Rebbe would not have made such a change. In practical terms the Rebbe appointed responsible figures to guard and preserve Chabad. The Rebbe wanted that they should be in control and prevent others from destroying everything.”

In their attempt to challenge the authority of Agudas Chasidei Chabad, the lawyers for the so-called Gabboim came up with a new plea implying that the document that the Rebbe signed in 1990 is illegal because 1) it’s possible that the Rebbe didn’t sign all the documents 2) not all members approved the changes. At a later stage the lawyers representing the Gabboim made an amendment to their plea and said that the document is illegal because “absent the Rebbe’s expressed approval of the purported 1990 amended by laws etc.“ (see below).

One of the people involved in the case told ”It boils down that these lawyers’ intentions were to challenge a document that the Rebbe signed that grants the members of Aguch the power etc. For this they introduced the two aforementioned arguments.

“As for the first argument, although it is stupid and can be refuted easily, it cannot be considered waging a war against the Rebbe. If one claims that the document is forged this cannot be described coming out against the Rebbe. But the second argument is scandalous, it is as though they are saying that the Rebbe did not understand what he signed! This is an open war and ”Merida B’Malchus,“ he siad. is posting here the restated By-laws in 1990 with the Rebbe’s signature. was informed by those who were involved in the process then that the Rebbe deliberately waited to sign his name last ”after” all other 19 members would sign first.

Aguch responding to the Gabboim: Your request is not relevant.

Gabboim to the Court (First): The Rebbes change is illegal since not all the members approved.

Gabboim to the Court (Second revision): The Rebbes change is further illegal by the same claim (no less seriuse accusation).


  • sheichen ha-shchuna

    I would strongly caution against becoming embroiled in this matter. Your service is most appreciated and well presented but you are sadly mistaken if you think that by taking sides or even just presenting sides you will help to provide clarity. This current fight is just one manifestation of a much larger and complex problem that plagues Lubavitch in general and Crown Heights in particular. Its proper resolution will not be acheived through victories in court or on the street, rather it will arise from a growing grassroots realization that we must take care of our own dalet amos and not allow ourselves to be deluded into intruding into those of others. Certainly the axiom, that fools rush in where angels fear to tread (or alternatively angels fear to tread where fools rush in) should give everyone pause for thought about his proper role and conduct. Presenting all of the facts will only abet the problem if the truth of the matter remains obscured. And who among us can state with full confidence that he has arrived at the truth of all of this?

  • Why??!?

    There are many thoughts and comments going on in my mind regarding this issue.
    But I have one main comment to post here:
    After every tragedy we scream "we need achdus" etc.
    So Why are you posting this??? Why? Why make more arguing and hating and divisiveness? Why not you, in your special Shlichus that you have as media reporter of Chabad news, report when incredible acts of goodness and caring is done?
    Didnt we have enough??? Can’t you do your part to prevent and not Chas Veshalom advance the horrificly painful situation we’re in?

  • Gavriel Azriel

    I must applaud for bringing this matter to the public eye. This is a sever issue which most people are afraid to take the matters as they are.

    I heard a saying once “For evil to prevail all it takes is good men to do nothing”, exactly what is happening here.

    Certain individuals stand up and make these statements and claims as if they are some kind of “Maan D’Omar”, I ask who are they?

    This article exposes these ‘people’ for who they are! Hate mongers and people that cultivate anger, resentment and hate. They have no business doing what they are doing and now a court of law shut them down, hopefully for the very last time.

    For “sheichen ha-shchuna”, you ask why is getting embroiled in this? I don’t think it is so, they are merely reporting on an ongoing story, just as did with their propagandist twist and did. For them not to report on it would be a dis-service on their behalf.

    These people count on our side, the Rebbes side, to cover it up as if it were something we, the rebbe, are/is doing wrong when by doing just that cannot get any more wrong. Its time to show who these people are and shut them out and flush them out. The silence is broken, the faces unmasked, these people are not Chassidim, WE ARE!

    “sheichen ha-shchuna” the truth of the matter lies within these documents published, how dear anyone including yourself say “have you reached the truth”?


    going to court in of itself is a great travesty on the part of the gaboim and is against halacha which requires a heter bes din (not just one rov)

  • Pro- Achdus

    Nebach Nebach Nebach …. Even with soild proof the Mishichits deny the Rebbe’s will. You ask for to wait for more proof? What do you want a new testiment too?

    This is ok … the original xtians also denied Hashem’s will when shown openly in the Torah etc.

    I can’t wait for 770 to be back in order!

    We now have a new branch of Jews … Mishichists!

  • Anonymous

    Dovid Hamelech said it best…

    Tehillim-Chapter 10
    This psalm tells of the wicked one’s prosperity and his boasting of it, until he says: “There is neither law nor judge. God pays no attention to the actions of mere mortals.”

    1. Why, O Lord, do You stand afar, do You hide Yourself in times of distress? 2. The wicked man in his arrogance pursues the poor; they are caught by the schemes they have contrived. 3. For the wicked man glories in the desire of his heart, and the robber boasts that he has scorned the Lord. 4. The wicked one in his insolence [thinks], “He does not avenge”; all his thoughts are, “There is no God.” 5. His ways always succeed; Your retribution is far removed from before him; he puffs at all his foes. 6. He says in his heart, “I shall not falter; for all generations no evil will befall me.” 7. His mouth is full of oaths, deceit and malice; mischief and iniquity are under his tongue. 8. He sits in ambush near open cities; in hidden places he murders the innocent; his eyes stealthily watch for the helpless. 9. He lurks in hiding like a lion in his lair; he lurks to seize the poor, then seizes the poor when he draws his net. 10. He crouches and stoops, then the helpless fall prey to his might. 11. He says in his heart, “God has forgotten, He conceals His countenance, He will never see.” 12. Arise, O Lord! O God, lift Your hand! Do not forget the lowly. 13. Why does the wicked man scorn God? Because he says in his heart, “You do not avenge.” 14. Indeed, You do see! For You behold the mischief and vexation. To recompense is in Your power; the helpless place their trust in You; You have [always] helped the orphan. 15. Break the strength of the wicked; then search for the wickedness of the evil one and You will not find it. 16. The Lord reigns for all eternity; the nations have vanished from His land. 17. Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble; direct their hearts, let Your ear listen, 18. to bring justice to the orphan and the downtrodden, so that [the wicked] shall no longer crush the frail of the earth.

  • confused wrote

    The Gabboim also tried to bring the Rebbe’s Sichos and teachings into the trial. They maintain that the Rebbe’s directives are binding on the members of the community, and, as such, should be discussed in Court. Krinsky countered that the Rebbe’s teachings are religious teachings, and are therefore irrelevant in a secular court case. Judge Harkevy ruled in Krinsky’s favor on this issue now, just as he had done in the past, several months ago. When this happened, the Gabboim filed an appeal to overturn Judge Harkevy’s ruling, and this appeal in now pending in the Appeals Court. It is expected to be heard in several months.

    In summary, the Judge is seeking to prevent the wider issues of the Boards’ validity and the Rebbe’s directives to be heard as part of the eviction case. It is expected that appeals, and possibly separate court cases will be filed to deal with these issues.

  • From ChaBlog

    The Rebbe asks why this Mammar of “Ani l’dodi” (from Likutei Torah) starts on page “Lamed Beis”, 32, of Likutei Torah. The Rebbe explains how just like chapter 32 of Tanya is the Heart of Tanya so to here page 32 of Likutei Torah. And the Rebbe goes on, that even though Likutei Torah was printed afterward, (I guess meaning after the Mammar was said), still because it’s a Sefer of Torah we can learn a lesson from it. The Mammar talks about the King in the field. What is the idea of a field? In the field everyone is equal. Unlike when the king is in the palace that only certain individuals could approach him, here, in the field, not only can anyone go to him, but also he greets everyone happily. That shows how us, “Ani”, and Hashem, “L’dodi”, are the heart of each other. Through the Achdus, unity, of us, we become one with Hashem. Therefore the month of Elul, the Rebbe goes on, is the month of unity.

    So here we are everyone. The month of unity had just begun. Has Lubavicth ever been as divided as we are now? We Farbreng about Elul. We buy our tickets to come to the Rebbe for Tishrei. No shame. We show up in the Rebbe’s daled amos, (personal space), as a divided group of Chassidim. Some will daven upstairs, some will daven downstairs, some cant hack both and therefore have started their own little shteebles in Crown Heights just so that can divide themselves a little further. No shame. We are in the month of Elul. Unity. Ahvas Yisroel. But all I can hear about is this court case and that fight. Oh, I did hear some good news this week. posted an article about Yossel Gutnick making peace with his brother-in-law after 10 years or something. This is good news? This is Ahvas Yisroel? 10 years to be in a fight with your brother-in-law, and your fight is so public that one of the most viewed Chabad news sites have to publicize that it has been resolved? It made me nauseous. I live in Chicago. I know what fights are all about. Unity in Lubavitch nowadays sounds almost as farfetched as peace in the Middle East.

    But still we learn the Rebbe’s torah. We make unity gatherings. And we hope and pray that the Rebbe should reveal himself to us and redeem us from our embarrassing state. May everyone have an Elul filled with Jewish unity so we can actually approach the King this year with our heads held up just a little bit higher.

  • to sheichen ha-shchuna

    it pains me a lot to break this to you, but by the way you write youre comment i see that theres no other choice:
    1- The silence you suggest that we should have is forbidden according to the Shulchan Aruch (we follow the shulchan aruch, remember?).
    2- i think that the matzav were we are holding today came about thanks to many factors, but the most irritating one is the fact that many smart people were silent when the meshichistim had just started to destroy lubavitch one-step-at-a-time. is there a reason why the only one’s to combat the destroyers were the shemtov’s and the detroiters?
    and you ask for silence NOW?
    at this point im assuming that you’re holding in either of these levels:
    1- you didnt realize the meaning of you’re words.
    2-you dont know the degree of the damage caused by the people who are about to be sent from were they dont belong.
    my friend, its time to start being real.

  • to zalman

    the gaboim did not go to court, Aguch did!
    look at ALL the court documants it says AGUCH: PLAINTIFF

    Congregation Lubavich Inc. (Gaboim): DEFEDANTS

  • Cee

    We are all part of Lubavitch and we all deserve to know what is going on. Thank you CrownHeights.Info for doing the right thing and allowing us to know what is going on. What the so called "leaders" of 770 have been doing ha slowly been destroying our community. They are diving our community and going against what the Rebbe wanted. The Rebbe would not have surrounded himself with the members who now are part of Aguch for 40 years if he didnt trust them.

    We need to trust them also and allow Aguch to repair the damage the meshugoyim have afflicted our community over the last ten years.

  • UsmokinSomthing

    "IF" you are infact "just" giving over the facts then why with such a "slant" when clearly it is not needed and the documents speak for themselves?

  • BCH

    The matter is not a simple as presented here. From reading the documents, one has to conclude the gabboim are NOT actually challenging the Rebbe; rather, they are saying that since there is no proof that the Rebbe himself approved the change of by-laws in 1990, therefore, the new by-laws had to be presented for approval to all members of Agudas (all Lubavitchers). As for the Rebbe’s signature on the documents – it seems the gabboim allege that the signature page was stolen and misapplied from some other document or forged. It does sound stupid, but to say that the gabboim challenged the Rebbe is sensationalism. But I will admit that unless the gabboim have real knowledge of signature forging or misuse, this whole attempt at reversing the 1990 by-laws change comes dangerously close to merida bemalchus, at least in terms of appearance. And that, in and of itself, is very damning.

  • chaim shimon

    its about time reported about this. i was thinking that they will turn into to another shmais ad service. can u guys do some inteviews? maybe inteview RYK or RAS ??

  • menachem cohen

    most lubavitchers could’nt care less
    about 770, or who the aguch and gaboim are.

  • Y>S>

    the anti-rebbe gropu (AKA mishichistim) have two steps left in trying to fight the rebbe;

    1. that the rebbe changed who is in charge of aguch in the unsigned tzavah that was found in the garbage and the rebbe clearly said that it is not valid.

    2. they can come with groners forged signiture of the rebbe after the chof beis shvat where the groner makes kupas rabeinu the umbrella organization of lubavitch…….

  • crown resident

    the gabboim and also aguach are all out only for power and kovad .no one cares about the rebba .sorry to say that but thats the truth .its all about who should have power.thats also th problem by the shluichim also in israel with aronav .also with the rabbonim in crown heights etc. sorry state of one cares about the rebba .there is alot more to say but it hurts .this is enough .

  • Irony

    Thank you for bringing up matters of machloikes in choidesh elul.

  • to From ChaBlog

    oh please..

    if you wouldnt live in chicago then i would use chicago as an example of how mistaken you are.
    it seems that you forgot too quikly what happens when you give in ‘just a little’ to the destroyers.



    Either you belive in the Rebbe MHM’s Gaboyim or not. If you dont believe in the Rebbe or his Gaboyim, why bring your forged letters? Do u really thing the Rebbe would sign a document that would put his Gaboyim in jeopardy?!

    Perhaps they didnt tell the Rebbe what they wrote in the Document. Perhaps, as someone else mentioned, the rebbe signed a different document that this one?

  • Ah Deah Zoger


    Are you outright stupid? Or is it that you can’t see past your own blinding hate?

    The Gaboyim are not ‘the Rebbes’, and to the best of my knowledge they were elected every some years.

    And to insinuate that the Rebbe was as foolish (RACHMANA LITZLAN) to sign a document he did not know what was written in just comes to show how much ‘faith’ you have in ‘your’ Rebbe ‘mhm’.

    Your foolishness is almost comical, almost – due to the fact it that it brings tears to my eyes to see someone who has the audacity to call himself a Lubavitcher Chossid and say such things.

  • mendy doe

    To menachem cohen if you don’t care why are you a lubavitcher a
    Normal lubavitcher should care what is happening to the rebbes shul

  • yosef

    jews dont feal safe walking the streets of crown heights and what are all the vip worrying about who in charge of 770

  • Duby Litvin

    Dear "Irony" –
    you took the words right out of my mouth…

    what a beautiful and most uplifting article for all of us to read right before Rosh Hashono….

    very impressed (ha!) with all of you who are invovled and all of you who feel we need to involve ourselves in this stupidity during times when achdus should be on our minds …


    I think everyone is missing one very vital point over here! The Rebbe’s shul should be run how the Rebbe wants it to, and that would be with complete Ahavas Yisroel! Every single Lubavitcher should be allowed into the Rebbe’s shul, no matter what his beleifs are.
    On shlichus we are so intuned to accept every Jew for who they are. Why can we not accept every Lubavitcher for who they are? Enough is enough of all this hatred. It’s time to start accepting every one for who they are,( and what thye say or beleive) and that is that they are a Jew. May we all RE-UNITE in the Rebbe’s shul once again with the Rebbe proudly leading us as one whole!!!!!

  • YS

    Gentlemen, Is it any wonder that I, who works in a frum company in the city, am proud to say that I am no (longer a) lubavitcher. The crap is nothing that I learnt in my childhood growing up as a Shliach, although now my father and all his friends are involved. And so, I have my memories of the rebbe and chabad chasiddus, but they are only memories. Now, I am proud to be a Jew, a g-d fearing Jew.

  • Fatelist

    I’ve got a bad feeling that only the Rebbe himself will be able to untangle this mess.

  • Chosid

    Thank you For having guts and writing the truth not like SHMAIS who is scared for advertisment.

  • Areye Leib

    Here we go againg fighting over stupid things and missing the point. You think the Rebbe cares who is oficcialy in charge he wants His hassidim to bring Moshiach and that’s what he was interested in. and bringing this up right now is bringing us further from the goal, as someone has mentioned above there has been at least 3 karbonos for this infighting and its right beofre rosh hashona .. so lets start thinking and nite and forget about this political stuff it is not important, Lets bring moshiach.

  • Anonymous

    Were all these holy rollers (the ones that are preaching “why can’t we all get along” etc…) when someone is being erased/beaten/kicked out in 770 by these bochorim or anybody how thinks he can decide who can and can not come in to 770. Do they go help the victim (with at least there preaching if not with strength)? Or do they stand around and watch the show and say to them self’s how sad and they move on (later on they go online [far away from realty] and preach acduse)?
    The sad fact is that this is happening (this is the realty) the question only remains “how do we deal with it now”?

    13 years these people have been doing what they want, it’s time it’s put to a stop!
    I wonder if people would still speak this way if it was there own property; there own father/brother etc… Or it’s just that when it comes to someone else’s it’s just easy to say Acduse/waist of time/both sides are losers. How would you feel if you got up in the morning and you see your fellow Jew (whom you must love with all your heart and soul) driving your car (he stole it), imagine a police officer telling you “why can’t you shier the car, aren’t you brothers, does it not say in the Torah “love your fellow Jew”? Or better yet why must you hold the keys “are you power hungry”; as a man of law I will make him shier your car with you.

  • Anonymous

    It’s so funny to see that no matter what Aguch/Merkaz has done in the last 13 years to prevent any Machlokes, it’s always their fault. It remind me of the following…

    Well, the neighborhood bully, he’s just one man,
    His enemies’ say he’s on their land.
    They got him outnumbered about a million to one,
    He got no place to escape to, no place to run.
    He’s the neighborhood bully.

    The neighborhood bully just lives to survive,
    He’s criticized and condemned for being alive.
    He’s not supposed to fight back, he’s supposed to have thick skin,
    He’s supposed to lay down and die when his door is kicked in.
    He’s the neighborhood bully.

    The neighborhood bully been driven out of every land,
    He’s wandered the earth an exiled man.
    Seen his family scattered, his people hounded and torn,
    He’s always on trial for just being born.
    He’s the neighborhood bully.

    Well, he knocked out a lynch mob, he was criticized,
    Old women condemned him, said he should apologize.
    Then he destroyed a bomb factory, nobody was glad.
    The bombs were meant for him.
    He was supposed to feel bad.
    He’s the neighborhood bully.

    Well, the chances are against it and the odds are slim
    That he’ll live by the rules that the world makes for him,
    ‘Cause there’s a noose at his neck and a gun at his back
    And a license to kill him is given out to every maniac.
    He’s the neighborhood bully.

    He got no allies to really speak of.
    What he gets he must pay for, he don’t get it out of love.
    He buys obsolete weapons and he won’t be denied
    But no one sends flesh and blood to fight by his side.
    He’s the neighborhood bully.

    Well, he’s surrounded by pacifists who all want peace,
    They pray for it nightly that the bloodshed must cease.
    Now, they wouldn’t hurt a fly.
    To hurt one they would weep.
    They lay and they wait for this bully to fall asleep.
    He’s the neighborhood bully.

    Every empire that’s enslaved him is gone,
    Egypt and Rome, even the great Babylon.
    He’s made a garden of paradise in the desert sand,
    In bed with nobody, under no one’s command.
    He’s the neighborhood bully.

    Now his holiest books have been trampled upon,
    No contract he signed was worth what it was written on.
    He took the crumbs of the world and he turned it into wealth,
    Took sickness and disease and he turned it into health.
    He’s the neighborhood bully.

    What’s anybody indebted to him for?
    Nothin’, they say.
    He just likes to cause war.
    Pride and prejudice and superstition indeed,
    They wait for this bully like a dog waits to feed.
    He’s the neighborhood bully.

    What has he done to wear so many scars?
    Does he change the course of rivers?
    Does he pollute the moon and stars?
    Neighborhood bully, standing on the hill,
    Running out the clock, time standing still,
    Neighborhood bully
    – Bob Dylan

    Yaakov, the choicest of the ancestors, teaches us that the way to succeed in our mission as a Jew in this world, especially in the dark moments of exile, is not by being timid and passive. Quite the contrary, it requires that we put on the clothes of Esau and beat him at his own game – that we fight cunning with cunning and chutzpah with chutzpah.

    Let the hijackers cry that they have become the victims and let those who were entrusted by the King to guard his property do their job.

  • Anonymous

    YS wrote:
    …“am proud to say that I am no (longer a) lubavitcher. The crap is nothing that I learnt in my childhood growing up as a Shliach,”

    Thank g-d I was thoght not be be a chossid of chassidim, but to be a chossid of the Rebbe!

  • Crown st

    The facts.

    Most Anash in CH do not daven in 770

    Most Shluchim are not bringing BB to 770

    400 Young ppl in CH no longer dress as Chasidim

    No normal BB in CH will run or serve on the Vaad Hkohol.

    The Badatz is in crisis

    Most Chasidim don’t care who runs 770 as long as they will run the Meshugoyim out. and make it a Bale batish place that not yet frum ppl and family’s can come to daven.

  • deport all illegals

    These terrorists who call themselves Gabboim care about only one thing…THEIR KOVOD. They don’t care at all about the Rebbe. If they did they’d just give it all up.

    770 must be worth millions to them. They’re disgusting lowlife creeps who bring more and more pain. Who are they going to hurt on Rosh Hashana? They’ll have enough of an army to do serious damage. B"H not my family…we don’t daven with Talibanisten. Of course, They don’t daven anyway, they just spew hatred.

    thanks for reporting this.

  • SizNitAzoiPushit

    1) forget what "side" your on, does ANYONE realy think that the Rebbe wanted "rabbi Krinsky" to "run" Lubavitch? and if everything is SO clear and simple WHY IS RABBI KRINSKY IN A FIGHT WITH Rabbi Shemtov, Rabbi Deren Should I continue?!?!?

    Being that you are in the mood of informing us why not post the emails that are public btwn Rabbi Krinsky and Rabbi Deren and Hillel Dovid Krinsky?

  • dont read

    thanks for not reading. now please read:
    does anyone agree that our worst problem could be found in the comments preaching "ahavas israel" and chodesh elul bubbe maases?
    werent we quiet enough allready?
    isnt it as clear as the sun how all of our problems exist because we were quiet 15 years ago?
    if a group of fraye yidden would take over 770 and make garbage out of it, would we be saying "ahavas israel" and "chodesh elul" when the truth comes out? isnt it obvious that those writing ahavas israel and chodesh elul in theyre comments are just scared of many things and found a way to pull away people’s minds from reality?
    isnt THAT the saddest part?
    crazy people have allways existed in this world, but normal people who side with meshugoyim and try to prevent the problem’s from being taken care of, isnt that much sadder than the crazy people themselves?
    are we so ignorant as to not know the difference between ahavas israel and tolerance?
    do you really want tolerance for these (unfortunately) meshugoyim?
    isnt it about time everybody gets the point and starts realizing who we have to give FULL suport?
    do you care? do you want to care?

  • AverageYJoe

    CHInfo keep it up guy!

    Now stam a rant; Shame on GRONER & SIMPSON !
    SUPPOSEDLY these TWO have a head and brains to boot, so to think they ended up on the wrong side of the fence makes be ill and wanting to PUKE.
    There is NO EXCUSE for such intelligent folk to end up in the meschist camp. I’ll say this until I turn blue. Had these men used there heads most of lubavitch would be sane.
    Shame on upper management with this deranged message, perverted theories and rotten toe lines.
    I can hear it now – shniush, kids off the derech, rabbonim all the crap we deal with is b/c all of you top guys couldn’t get your sorry act together.
    Yup , its Elul indeed!

  • Who has time to fight?

    OK will you fix this by butting in?

    Aguch will do the job that the rebbe chose for them

    The gaboim will do their job

    Shluchim do their job

    Bochrim go learn and go on mivtzoim and do your job

    Balley batim go make a kosher parnossa and raise your children and do your job

    Rabbonim pasken shailos and do their job

    Everybody do your own job learn daven and give zidokkoh getting YOUR SELF ready for Moshiach

    Who has time to fight?

    sholem al yisroel

    Little kids should stay out of the kitchen the rebbe s koved will do just fine without every hothead’s help.

  • ZEYA

    im almost sure that AGUCH is 100% right.

    it is quite obvious

    May u all see the light

    Hakitzu Veranenu

  • S H A L O M

    Why is it that the very same individuals that claim the Rebbe’s signature wasn’t c’v forged or that the rbbe wouldn’t heaven forfendd sign a document without knowing it’s content, these very individual are the ones who claim that the sichos past 5748 are irrelevamt and were c’v said in an unaware state of mind?!?!
    You cant have the cake and eat it!
    Eithetr you accept all of the sichos and maamorim of the Rebbe including all those that say things you dont like to promote and some of you even claim not to learn, including those of the Rebbe’s talks from 5752! If you accept them and live them just as much as all of the Rebbes sichos from 5711 onwards okay.

    But I cant tolerate those on iether side who just say thing and quote items that serve their need and purposes. You an;’t have it both ways… accept everythong or nothing… dont be selective chasidim…. that just doesnt work.

    S H A L O M

  • OrderNow!

    Sometimes, sadly, the only way to insure achdus is by forcibly removing those who are constantly irritating others and causing machloikes. While neither side is ideal, it is clear that 770 is in the hands of baryoinim, and that those who claim to be in control really are not doing anything to remove what are in essence a band of glassy eyed whacked out hooligans who represent nothing and no one. There are those who benefit from the presence of those baryoinim, and they, too, must be removed from any position of power, real or imagined, regarding the Rebbe’s Beis Medrash.

    Therefore, a new order is needed, and if Aguch can bring that new order, let it be. And if they get control via the court system and fail to restore order, then the only solution is a grass roots effort to reclaim 770 for the worldwide Chabad community, and not to allow it to look as it now does (or for nonsense like the shvil, the fake farbrengen, and the ridiculous dollar parade to continue).

  • Cee

    To ChaBlog,

    No offense, but how old are you? I have kois Shel Bracha thats been fermenting in my china cabinet older then you.

    The Rebbe put Aguch in charge for a reason, when will the mishichistim get that. You are only fighting the Rebbe when you go against them.

    You can’t slove every problem with cries for "achdus" and "ahavas Yisroel" sometimes you need to FIX a problem.

    Aguch has been doing everything possible to be quiet and clean about this. Instead of going the route of Bobov or Visnitz or Satmar they have tried to do this without dividing communities and families.

    Look at what has happened to Bobov? The entire group has been split in half, literally and figuratively. Families, schools, friends, they all had to chose a side and its gotten very dirty. They don’t even marry into each others side.

    Aguch could have led that charge and that could be Lubavitch today. The fact that we can all live together and except for a few crazy 770 bochurim keep it non violent and calm is a testament to Aguch and to the Rewbbe’e vision of leaving Chbad in thier hands.

    Support Aguch (and by proxy the Rebbe) and stop trying to wsh away major problems by urging false unity. When the problem is fixed, we will be united.



    The overwhelming majority of Lubavichers are disgusted by any kind of Politics etc.



    THE REST OF THE 99 PERCENT OF THE COMMUNITY, ARE DISGUSTED BY IT!!! and probably don’t have much time to comment on this.

    I think that it’s important to make that clear to all of you, and that’s why I’ve decided to post this here…

    Good luck! and G-D bless you all!

    I don’t forget the Rebbe’s message of doing something extra everyday in the realm of GODNESS and KINDNESS!

  • the one and only






  • look in the mirror

    The Rebbe repeatedly stresses the importance of Ahavat Yisrael and Achdut. Do the comments above show that? Does it help Moshiach to come to get on the internet and post stuff about how your group is the good guys and those other guys are the bad guys? Let us do what will give the Rebbe nachas, not what will get you points with your "group" and not what gratifies your "behema".

  • Gershon Shapiro

    Number one I agree with enough is Enough. Both sides are doing their best to continue to push forward the Machloikes etc. They should all do a very detailed & Truthful Cheshbon Hanefesh. Number two It is clear how both sides are in it mostly for their own glory. By Aguch you can see clear how they only want power & control. They should be embarrassed ho wthey conduct themselves. Look at The Kollel building in back of 770 They let that rot for years already but have plenty of money to continue top wage war in court. The GAbboyim while they have done alout of positive upkeep & maintenance of the Shul Are also plenty to blame along with The Hanholah They allowed the Bachurim to grab the power they have they refused to put them in their place. giving in little by little. BAchurim are supposed to learn & do Mivtzayim & not be involved in Politics & Machloikes. The Hanhalah & the GAbbayim allowed this & continue to allow this. It’s time for both sides to start behaving like men Like chassidm of The Rebbe instead of Spoiled Brats. It is Irrelavent if You are a "Meshichist" or not.THe Rebbbe gave us a job to do. As long as the Machloikes continues that job is not being done.. It is time for Aguch tofocus on matterts dealing with Lubavitch in General Such as Shlichus etc. & rebuild the Kollel & it is time for thje GAbbayim & THE HANHALAH TO REIN IN THE BACHURIM & PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE. IT SHOULD BE MADE CLEAR TO THEM THAT IF THEY DO ANY LITTLE THING TO DAMAGE 770 OR LIFT UP THEIR HANDS TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON THEY WILL BE ON THE NEXT PLANE BACK TO ERETZ YISROEL OR WHEREVER THEY ARE FROM & NOT BE ALLOWED BACK IN CROWN HEIGHTS. Any one from the neighborhood who does so should be permanently barred from 770 & not allowed to live in Ch Until such time that The Rabbonim, will all agree to let this person & their family do so.As for The Rabbonim They also need to make Shalom. If they cannot due in\it i\on their own They should agree to a committee of Other RAbbonei Anash To help them settle their issues. Only then will we have Shalom & The Rebbe Mh"m will Return!!!

  • i am - you are not

    kol machlokes shhee lishame shomaim…

    everybody is fighting for what they think is a “holly purpose”

    ….sofo lihiskayem.! It will never end.

    its not really holy to fight around the rebbe,

    if some people have disagreements let THEM work it out with rabbonim or even court (when permitted), and everybody ells go and do the work the Rebbe placed on each and every one of us.




    THE REST OF THE 99 PERCENT OF THE COMMUNITY, ARE DISGUSTED BY IT!!! and probably don’t have much time to comment on this.

    Good luck! and G-D bless you all!

  • ItzhakS

    Sometimes, in order to promote achdus, those who have absolutely no respect for others and whose very presence in the community is an irritant must be removed. No one who does not belong in G-building supports the antics of the hooligans, or the glassy eyed nutcases who mock the Rebbe chas vesholom with shtus like the shvil and the dollars. Sadly, the present management of 770, legitimate or not, has allowed the irritants to take over and grow stronger. Neither the gabboim nor Aguch is without blame, but if Aguch has a chance at restoring order, and it is clear that they have legal title, then the community has to give them a chance to clean things up.

    If they also prove unequal to the task, or if they create other irritants to replace the glassy eyed G-building goilemlach (G-building won’t be around anymore soon, so I’ll have to work on alliteration for S or T or something if they’re chas vesholom still around when G is emptied:)), then only a grass roots campaign by Anash worldwide, headed by volunteers who are untainted with involvement in past "administrations," can save the day.

    And since that is impossible, how about what we really want, which is MOSHIACH NOW!!!

  • Nobody can save Lubavitch!

    Nobody can save Lubavitch!

    What is Lubavitch?

    A bochur learning behasmodo and doing mivtzoim? …like the Rebbe wants?
    A yungerman learning a shiur? …like the Rebbe wants?
    Speaking nicely to a drop in or drop out? …like the Rebbe wants?
    Can you save me from doing chitas and rambam.. …like the Rebbe wants?
    Thousands of shluchim busy building new moisdos and doing what the Rebbe wants?
    Talking and learning about the geula to come …like the Rebbe wants?

    What is Lubavitch? What do you want to save?

    Who are you going to save by taking sides between disagreeing parties?

  • Yeh! Whatever....

    They deny the Rebbe every day in their actions, what is the difference if they deny the Rebbe in the courts???

  • australia

    i agree with "who has time to fight" let everyone focus on their own business this is between aguch and the gabboyim we need moshiach now!

  • Jewboy

    This post is ridiculous and huts th posters’ cause more than it helps.
    Gabboyim just said that absent Rebbe’s express approval there need’s to be aguch consent. How is that a meridah, ch"v? Am I missing something?

  • Yosi Zajac (a proud father )

    let here some comments regarding the bochurim who went to South Korea (next article) & the other real chassidim who will bring Moshiach
    Why waste time on a bunch of old children with white beards fighting over a game of marbles Take your marbels (kovod & money) & go home you all failed lets support the next generation do the job

  • ayl

    some questions.
    "The "REQUEST" is highly irrelevant and imporper"

    1) why is this request imporper.
    The gabbaim were summonsed to goisher court.
    At least let the judge, jusge the matter in accordance with the rebbe’s teachings?

    2) everyone knows you argue the most cogent arguement and avoid arguments that will be detrimental to your case.
    What is aguch affarid of? so lets hear the rebbe’s teachings?

    are they in a very big hurry after waking up after 13 + years to go to court?

    3)so lets say aguch is correct…
    why are they not going to bais din?
    zabla? which Rov gave them permission to go to goisher court?
    pubicize the rov ( after all he must be a big chasid)

    at least shame the gabboim by publicizing the attempt to go to Din Torah?

    the Rebbe wants to go to goisher court?
    Just remember krinsky and shmetov were against yechi even in the rebbe’s holy presents.
    to me it looks like a regular power strugle that happends to each religious sect.
    also of the 20 people on the aguch paper.
    Half are either niftar, over botel, or mishachistin.

    does being the chair mean the rebbe gives to the rights not to go to bais din?
    to call police and have people arrested?
    to hiring itialian bouncers for hey teves?

    to get restraining orders?

  • ayl


    lets not forget about presuring the hanholo not to admit and give visa’s to crazy bochurim that dont listen to the so called gabboim and rabanim and anyone else.
    and use their hands and flags and anything else to make a baal agan.


  • Proud Lubavitcher.

    To YS,

    You can take yourself out of Lubavitch, but you can not take Lubavitch out of you. You still come to this Lubavitch site? Can not completely let go!! What ever crap goes on, there is much more good that goes on in Lubavitch and everyone knows it.

  • Observer

    To all of you who complain how wrong it is that Aguch are kicking people out of 770:
    Take a good look at the facts and you will see that Aguch is not trying to kick non violent people out of 770. Furthermore, in the past 13 years, the mishichistim have tried repeatedly to further their agenda through acts of violence. They have physically attacked people who they don’t agree with and have terrorized people from entering 770. During this time the Gaboim did not try to stop or even condemn this. As pained as we all are to see this travesty unfold, it is the Gaboim that brought it onto themselves.

  • sheichen ha-shchuna

    "Who has time to fight?" said it best, with the greatest eloquence and most poignantly but I can’t resist adding my own two cents: This little interlude of point – counterpoint serves as a proof to what was stated in my original posting. We’ve just witnessed a cross-sampling of what prevails throughout the community so tell us, Has anything, even remotely, been resolved. Has the Aibershter’s purpose been served? Has the Rebbe’s koved and efforts been fostered? No matter which side is victorious, this matter will not rest and internecine conflict will continue to mount. The question each must ask himself is whether he will chose to add to the machloikes. Nothing about silence was ever stated or implied. Everyone has their role but very, very few of us have a legitmate place or voice in this matter (not to say an opinion) and therefore should keep his private opinion out of the public sphere. If one genuinely adheres to the principle of hasgocha protis then he should also understand that only those with legitmate authority have a role to play – otherwise please show some good breeding and stay out of it – anything else is just adding more fire and smoke. (see what the Rebbe had to say about bocherim expressing an opinion, let alone acting over something amiss with the hanhala of the yeshiva in 770). We all live together in these hours just before the geulah and the p’nei hakelev is evident everywhere baying his "right to know," his ganza dai’ah, his blood rage to clean house, etc., ad nauseum. Know your place!



  • amen




  • Tzufloygin

    With all the comments, I officially declare this one of the most responded to articles on I applaude you for your captivating journalism. If anybody actually read with the other comments know this:

  • Boruch benTzvi (A H) haKohaine Hoffinger

    Dear YS wrote:
    "Gentlemen, Is it any wonder that I, who works in a frum company in the city, am proud to say that I am no (longer a) lubavitcher. … Now, I am proud to be a Jew, a g-d fearing Jew."
    Tell me, were you a Satmar, considering their infighting, would you stop being a Satmar? Tell me regarding the recent riot-like behavior of Jews in Boro Park (a few mos. ago), would you stop being a Jew (If they belonged to different sects)? Tell me, since we (some Jews-Buranios) didn’t listen to the chochomim and the temple was subsequently destroyed, why do you remain a Jew?
    Would The Rebbe, MH"M stop being a Jew or Lubavitcher?
    A Lubavitcher is a Jew with a certain religious path in life. His/her path is not determined by the actions of a handful of other Jews, or even thousands. We follow our chochomim. The masses are not my leaders.
    I am a mashichist and deplore violence. If Aguch wins this case and takes down all the signs I will be greatly pained. However, shal-m is greater than all. Perhaps, after a while, through love and education they will see the error or their ways.
    I approached an anti in shul once. He claimed that saying Yechi adoneinu caused much harm to Lubavitch. I stated that all Lubavitchers know that the Rebbe is Moshiach and he agree. "Many people aren’t ready for this." He claimed.
    I answered: "If all the Lubavitchers were to say Yechi it would change everyone else’s opinion." "Since we’re not corageous and honest enough we spread doubt and disbelief to others."
    "Take a few weeks," I said, "and write up a list of damage that saying Yechi has done." I never got a list.
    I told this to a certain famous rabbi (mashichist) and he responded that that individual (and other like him) don’t really care.
    I thought: "Anyone that doesn’t really want moshiach is still playing with toys (power and money)— second childhood."
    Nevertheless, the Rebbe’s (MH"M) will WILL BE DONE. Perhaps we need divine intervention. It won’t be the first time.
    (I’ll make an enemy?) Y.S. you were looking for an excuse to run away. Now you’re relieved of the burden (burden or joy?) of Chitas, mivtzoim, etc.

  • ydm

    To YS

    You write pretty intensely about this matter. As if it affected you severely. With such passion! And I quote” Gentlemen, Is it any wonder that I, who works in a frum company in the city, am proud to say that I am no (longer a) lubavitcher.” The fact that you are pompous and arrogant enough to come out in public and express such an immature & obtuse statement, which probably stems from detest toward your personal upbringing and past, is a mere escape of misery and gloom. Don’t reprimand Lubavitch for the hate and unhappiness you feel. Rather embrace the pedigree you stem from and learn to accept the faults of within. No one’s perfect!

    One more thing, be man enough to sign your name after such inapt behavior.

    D. Minkowicz

  • YM

    to the Rebbes Gaboim

    Yoichonon Gordon, Shea Pinson, Zev Katz etc…Are (were) the Rebbes Gaboim. You are the product of corrupt and probable fixed elections.

  • Bored on Empure

    You know, after reading these comments just look at a simple fact.

    When Krinsky once came downstairs to make a minyan for a yarzheit, he was thrown out, the shluchim, we all sadly know what happend. I can bring many more examples

    BUt "upstairs" in 770 each and every sunday the embarsement of Dollars, continues and no one from the higher ranks is fighting, locking doors or throwing anybody out

    There was once a group that tried, but those were 770 bochurim,

    The facts speak for themselves.

    Krinsky/Shemtov rule
    and everyone will find thier place

    How many of you, if u had a very rich aunt or uncle feel totally comfortable briging him.her into 770?

  • M.M.L.

    ur all wasting ur time .most of lubavitch youth that goes through the system frei out and are not lubavitch .they dont care .so what are u all fighting about. better think about saving lubavitch .i know ull all say what .. its not true. tell me if kingston ave. looks lubavitch.its a joke .WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE

  • Anonymous

    “Aguch is going to kick people out of 770”.
    “Aguch is going to turn 770 into a museum”.
    “all Aguch cares about is power and money”.
    “Aguch says the Rebbes words are”irrelevant“.
    ”Aguch had people arrested for no reason“.
    ”all Lubavitchers know that the Rebbe is Moshiach“.
    ”there are extremists on both sides“.

    There is a known rule in politics, a small lie is a doubt whether people will take it or not. However if someone says a great lie, and repeats it many times, it causes people to think: ”If this intelligent person is saying this, a shocking thing that has no place in intellect so many times, it must mean that there is some truth to it.” Being that it is so shocking people believe it.

  • Eli

    I didnt’ bother reading everything that everyone wrote, but seriously, I used to love reading, but it really kills me when you take sides, present one side of a very hurtful machloikes. I think posting Machloikes is outright wrong, and if you must, at least report subjectivley.

  • Nisht a lwayer

    But I CAN read english
    in the first version, number 85 states:
    "The purported 1990 by-laws were never presented to the then-membership of Agudas for approval."

    in the second version this accusation is clarified: "Absent the Rebbe’s express approval of the purported 1990 amended by-laws, those by-laws neededto have been approvedby the entire membership of Agudas. However, the purported 1990 by-laws were never presented to the then-membership of Agudas for approval."

    So how does get off stating:"The Rebbes change is further illegal "?!!

    The gabboim (or their lawyers) never made such a claim. Rather they claim the Rebbe’s signature was somehow forged. And without a proper signature you need a majority of members to amend the by-laws.

    Was the signature forged? I think that is the crux of the case.

  • to eli


    Something tells me you’re offended by the facts rather than the reporting of them.

    Also, if you want subjective reporting, there’s plenty of that on chabad.einpo and daashakal

  • is it so hard to get?

    to all of u screaming at CH.INFO for reporting one side

    im sorry but this is the news story as is!! any news story will take someones side

    CH.INFO is reporting the facts it happens to be in this case to favor krinsky why is it so hard to take?

    usually when he reports a break in it fav you this time it didnt he is just bringing out the facts of the story
    and the fact that aguch won please dont blame the news corp because you dont like the outcome of the story

  • A Yid w/ a Question

    I’m not from Crown Heights & its not 4 me to get involved in this controversy AGUCH vs Gabboiam. However I’m troubled in understanding something. Y do I see ppl complaining about this issue being brought to court saying its a Chilul H etc but when Reb Moshe Rubashkin was summoned to court bec. of a political issue no one said anything. I pleaded w/ Rabonim & askonim to do something but nothing was done. It was only in the zechus of Reb Moshe’s good deeds to thousands of Yidden – Lubavitch & non Lubavitich, Meshichistem & non Mashichisten that the judge threw out the case. Now I ask -is control of a building more impt than putting a yid in jail? where were U then? How can these same ppl who were involved in the mesiroh against Reb Moshe scream out against AGUCH for going to court? Dont tell me he’s guilty for not saying YECHEE bec I can testify he says it every day -more than once. Perhaps, these ppl who took him to court & those that allowed it to happened are getting paid back for their "good deeds". Who knows? A Yid w/ a Question.

  • former sheichen ha-shchuna

    To sheichen ha-shchuna:

    You write very eloquently but you miss a major point. Seeking shalom is a very noble cause and is the virtue of Aaron Hakohen where even lying at times to maintain shalom is acceptable (and maybe acceptable to keep those that don’t belong in the middle out of it) Here’s where you go wrong: I recently moved out of Crown Heights for this very reason. The politics is out there and is a cancer to the community. I left after losing any hope that this will be resolved in a peaceful manner. The best we can probably hope for is a split where people with various different views are cordial to one another. To me this is sad. I have friends and family that are literally at the extreme ends of the spectrum and the hateful things said and the disgust they feel for one another is truly depressing and something I couldn’t stand any longer.

    I hope (and believe) that bringing this out on a public forum is a good thing. Hopefully it will lead to the start of a grassroots campaign where we can rid ourselves of the extremists (on both sides). The mashichist leadership has not shown the courage to deal with the Tzfatim even though the vast majority of CH balie batim think they are a negative influence on the community. The mashachist viewpoint has become so fragmented that it will continue to lose a large base of its people. Many are now saying if Aguch takes control it might be good because at least they will get rid of the tzfatim and manage 770 in a better manner than it is currently being managed. This court case is the result of the gaboim mixing in after the bochurim were arrested for defacing the stone. Had they not done this and let the tzfatim know that if they cross a line they are on their own the mashichistim would have been much better off. Chances are if the mashichist leadership would have had control of the situation R’ Krinsky would have been fine keeping the status quo.

    Another example of this lack of leadership is how R’ Shvei had to “mediate” between the Tzfatim and their opposition on chof av. Who are these people who think they can dictate what goes on in 770?! Rabbi Shvei, Rabbi Osdobo, or the gaboim should’ve been clear on what will be the seder hayom in 770 and that’s what happens. What is the rationale of negotiating with a small group of visitors that aren’t even old enough to buy beer?!

    At this point, you have more at stake in CH than I do. Good luck to you and all of anash in resolving this issue in a way that would make the Rebbe proud.

  • mm

    anyone that was in 770 by the kinnus hashluchim this past year will understand the urgent need to take control


    There are quite a few good points posted above but in general a lot of it just a bunch of nonsensical drivel posted by what a bunch of people whom are called in seforim "Baal Machloikes".

    Anybody who posted any opinion either supporting Aguch or the Gabbaim (this includes our dear themselves) are what we call "part of the problem." Don’t preach your BS about "your" solution for Chabad today; take a good look in the mirror and recognize yourselves for what you really are.


    If you are a rational person you see that the problem is a different one: 770 is a zoo, which is run in a fashion which has no respect for the mispallelim or being a place where all lubavitchers and all jews can feel comfortable. It has nothing to do with the aguch-gaboim dispute; the gabboim may clean up their act or aguch may turn out to be even more arrogant than the meshichistim terrorists. Let them work out their own problems without everyone else getting involved; hopefully they will do such a good job of keeping each other in court that they’ll both keep themselves out of our sight for many years to come. What WE NEED TO DO IS MAKE A BODY WHICH REPRESENTS THE MIPALLELIM NO MATTER WHO OWNS 770; TO ENSURE THAT THE PLACE IN RUN AS A PLACE FOR PEOPLE TO DAVEN AND LEARN, NOT FOR ANY POLITCAL PARTY TO HOLD THEIR NATIONAL CONVENTIONS OR SYMPOSIUMS. A GROUP WHICH WILL PREVENT YECHI FROM BEING PLASTERED ALL OVER THE PLACE, BUT WILL NOT GO CHASING AND CHOKING PEOPLE WHO DO SAY IT – WHICH WILL MAKE OFFICIAL TIMES DURING THE DAVINING WHERE THOSE WHICH FOR WHATEVER REASON SAY YECHI CAN DO SO, BUT THOSE WHICH WILL DO SO AFTER NEILAH WILL BE THROWN DOWN THE STAIRS – IN SHORT TO MANTAIN A **shul** FOR **everybody**.

    If a group of crownheights citizens would actually make such a board, I would be more than happy to volounteer my services to terrorize anyone which tries to stop them, whether his name is Avremel Shemtov or Shlomo Cunin or Menachem Gerlitzky or Itche Springer

  • sheichen ha-shchuna

    To former sh"ha,

    Your parenthetical comment, "and maybe acceptable to keep those that don’t belong in the middle out of it," is all that I am suggesting as I too, am sorely troubled by the "AID Syndrome that permits the "cancer" and other opportunistic diseases to take hold and grow. Rochmonna litzlan. (Unlike you I still retain a remnant of hope that all will eventually heal.) Fontonelle, a famous French philosopher who witnessed the rising tide of the Enlightenment was dismayed over what would eventuate and lamented, "I shudder at the certainties that reign around me." Guyvah, arrogance, provides the license, it emboldens the ugly empty one, i.e., the p’nei hakelev and all I mean to suggest is that one should first look into a mirror (and take a good long and hard look at oneself) before rasing his banner and leveling a pike at his fellow Jew.

  • Anonymous

    STAND UP FOR YOURSELF NOT OTHER PEOPLE! wrote:“Anybody who posted any opinion either supporting Aguch or the Gabbaim (this includes our dear themselves) are what we call ”part of the problem.“ Don’t preach your BS about ”your“ solution for Chabad today; take a good look in the mirror and recognize yourselves for what you really are.”

    Welcome abroad the “Baal Machloikes” train.


    For someone with out an opinion or for someone that does not care, you sure have a lot to say (as the rest of your rant shows).


    Wow, you hit the hammer right on the nail, which is one of the responsibilities that the Rebbe gave to (the body of) Aguch. (that nobody has the right to do anything in 770 with out promising from Aguch- there is a video of Rabbi D. Raskin reading a letter from the Rebbe about this issue*).

    *way before 27 adar.

    “If a group of crownheights citizens would actually make such a board…”

    Again, if the Rebbe already saw it fit to make such a group, then who are we to decide other wise?

    “I would be more than happy to volounteer my services to terrorize anyone which tries to stop them..”

    If you have so much time on your hand; if your so brave, why don’t you use your time to volounteer to protect this community, not from are fellow Jews but from crime (go out at night a potral the streets)?

  • tachlis

    bottom line

    what will krinsky do?

    will he throw those animals out of 770?

    when will we have a normal shul to go back to?

  • former sheichen ha-shchuna

    To sheichen ha-shchuna,

    ‘(Unlike you I still retain a remnant of hope that all will eventually heal.)’

    In this case I am happy, and hope, to be wrong.

    I agree with most of the rest of your comments. However, the silence of the masses and the current leaders haven’t done much to control the situation. Instead of ensuring that CH remains a thriving community and its flagship shul, 770, is an attractive place to daven, most balei batim are splinterig off and finding their own little shtibel and clique to associate themselves with. How is this different than Flatbush?

    The idea of "chasidim ein mishpochoh" doean’t seem to exist any longer in chabad and that, to me, is the main problem.


    Dear Dov,

    "For someone with out an opinion or for someone that does not care, you sure have a lot to say (as the rest of your rant shows)."

    As I wrote in my title, I have an opinion in regards to MY OWN BUSINESS – NOT OTHER PEOPLES.

    "Wow, you hit the hammer right on the nail, which is one of the responsibilities that the Rebbe gave to (the body of) Aguch. (that nobody has the right to do anything in 770 with out promising from Aguch- there is a video of Rabbi D. Raskin reading a letter from the Rebbe about this issue*). "

    If these people are unable to divorce their need to claim the land titles of 770 from their efforts to represent the needs of 770’s mispallelim, that would make them ineffectual leaders. I respect their right to 770 (and actually agree that they are the rightful owners of 770 – but I shouldn’t be writing that, because that is expressing an opinion publicly on a matter which is no concern of mine), but it is a separate agenda than mantaining 770 as a place where we can daven, and as such it should be pursued as a seperate agenda. What results from making a cholent of the two is that a matter which is agreed on by the vast consensus of the lubavitch community (that 770 is run in an inappropiate fashion, and in a way which does not represent chabad), is now dependent on the outcome of a complicated legal issue(which no matter how simple the solution is to you – A) Your opinion in it dosn’t count, and B) It is something which will drag it’s feet through the court system for an interminable amount of time, and even after the court will reach a decision there will be the issue of domestic terrorism which will need to be dealt with), which this complex legal issue only affects a small group of people not the Lubavitch community as a whole.

    "Again, if the Rebbe already saw it fit to make such a group, then who are we to decide other wise?"

    Indeed I think that it is precisely Aguch which should have quietly arranged a "bi-partisan" board to tackle the issue of running 770 in a neuteral manner, while pursuing separately their right to 770’s title. Since they chose to be as confrontational as possible, we need to accept the fact that these people are better politicians than community leaders, and we need to look for leaders who are able to keep the affairs of the general community and affairs of the community leadership seperate and distinct.

    "If you have so much time on your hand; if your so brave, why don’t you use your time to volounteer to protect this community, not from are fellow Jews but from crime (go out at night a potral the streets)?"

    I am neither blessed with spare time or bravery, I am just extremly ticked off about this issue, and have been so for a while.