Sidewalk Renovations Underway Next To 770 With Special Plan


Jackhammers and heavy duty machinery chipped and cut away at a large section of sidewalk in front of the Library of Agudas Chasidei Chabad this week as a special renovation plan continues. The plan: To install heating elements under the concrete.

During the winter, ice and snow accumulation is a great risk for all, but especially for elderly. To combat the annual cold, teams were forced to continually shovel and salt the large expanse of sidewalk in an attempt to keep it clear and safe.

With the new renovations, it will no longer be required.

Heating elements installed under sidewalks and driveways have gone from a luxury to common construction over the last few years, and when the opportunity arose, the decision was made to install them in front of the library.

Yet this is only the first portion, with plans to continue installing the new system for the entire expanse of the main 770 building.

The team of contractors installing the new system are working under the auspices of the Vaad Bedek Habayis and 770 caretaker Rabbi Chaim Boruch Halberstam with the help of Rabbi Yossi Rabkin.

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  • shmuel

    New sidewalk ? Great idea ! How much does this cost and WHO pay$ for it ? Transparency is a must for all tsedakas. Post it !