CGI Toronto CIT’s Are Real Winners

As has become tradition in overnight camps, the CIT’s are afforded numerous privileges. In CGI Toronto the CIT’s girls look forward to Fridays when they leave campgrounds to go to Haliburton on Mivtza Neshek. The camp, located in the picturesque city of Haliburton is approximately a two and a half hour drive from Toronto, but, unlike Toronto, Haliburton barely has a Jewish population. Two weeks ago the girls returned to camp overly excited and in high spirits, “We distributed a record number of Shabbos candles this week,” stated Devora excitingly.

Being imbued with their life’s calling the girls were ecstatic and upon return to camp blurted out the occurrence with whomever they met, be it a staff member or fellow camper. The girls were extremely proud of their accomplishments.

The following week the CIT’s travelled to Camp Agudah. They were headed there for the CGI/Camp Agudah Annual Machanayim tournament. While eating lunch, the news arrived in camp that CGI was the grand winner. This was the second win in CGI Toronto’s history. Being overjoyed, the rest of the camp began singing and dancing.

Upon returning to camp, Raizel, the sports coach remarked, “We didn’t only win the physical game, but the girls displayed pride in being Chabad Chassidim and were pleased that a sense of Achdus between the both camps was palpable.

The girls look forward to another Friday so they can continue to spread the light of Yiddishkeit. 

Pictures by: Racheli Fishman