Not Sure Whether To Take The COVID Vaccine Or Not? Harav Osdoba Clarifies, Ask Your Own Doctor, Don’t be Coerced By Others


As controversy and confusion swirls around the COVID-19 vaccine, and whether a person should take it or not, Harav Avrohom Osdoba of the Crown Heights Beis Din set the record straight.

In a message released by Harav Osdoba and verified by, Harav Osdoba states as follows:

“In response to the many queries I have been receiving lately: There is presently much confusion about the advisability of taking the Covid vaccine and/or boosters. Much of the confusion stems from the differences of opinion from doctors around the world, including the local doctors and the scientific experts, the mumchim, that many in the kehila rely on. Rabbonim from around the world are similarly divided in their directives. Considering this situation, each individual may consult with a recognized expert regarding the Covid vaccine to determine the proper decision for them, and they should not be coerced by others.”

The clear instruction Rov appears to be in contradiction with a voice note released this past Friday by Harav Braun, also of the Crown Heights Beis Din, who claimed that such decisions could only be made by the mainstream “majority” opinion.

Harav Osdoba’s message does note that “each individual may consult with a recognized expert regarding the Covid vaccine,” but does not define what that might require.

The ruling does allow for different doctors to provide different directives to individuals, an important distinction in Halacha that will provide Halachik standing to those who have opposed the vaccination mandates.

In the ending of his message, Harav Osdoba also tells people that they should “not be coerced by others” in their decision, a complaint made over and over as different beliefs on the vaccine war in the community.


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