For Head Shliach’s Yahrzeit, Shazak Opens Up Treasury of Content

Shazak Multimedia, legendary creators of the holiday and Parsha content families know and love, has taken the unprecedented step of opening their Purim content to the public exclusively for the duration of this week (Adar 2-Adar 8), at

The free content honors the life of the legendary Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz, trailblazing director of Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois, and older brother of Shazak founder, Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz.

“My brother was merely 16 months older than me and passed away at 59, yet I always looked up to him,” says Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz. “He was a constant source of inspiration, solid advice and encouragement. In growing Shazak, I took my cue from his broad vision and how he established so many institutions, more than one a year through his four decades of service.”

Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz took pride in his younger brother’s work, particularly his more scholarly output, Tsohar Lateivah and Mavo LaSifrei HaRambam, and some of his chiddushim have been included in those Seforim.

Noting that the seventh yahrzeit of Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz is 2 Adar, at the start of the month of unbridled joy, sharing the laughter-filled Queen of Persia is a most fitting tribute to his memory and example.

Even as he carried the burden of thousands of others on his broad shoulders, I never saw anything but a smile on his face,” says his brother. “He lived with the adage that Simchah Poretz Geder, joy breaks through all boundaries.”

All 10 chapters of Queen of Persia (106 minutes!) will be available for viewing. In addition, enjoy Shazak hilarious quizzers, in which you get to test your Megillah expertise with enlightening multiple-choice questions.

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