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Tiferes Bachurim Brings Zoom Into Reality With Over 40 New Students

Following school protocol all Rabbinical College of America classes resumed last week via the now well-known Zoom platform. Unexpected though, was the international demand for learning opportunities. Heeding the call, Tiferes Bachurim staff collaborated and organized to reach out and absorb what turned into; continuous applicants! Over 40 new students, from several states and countries, have since joined the programs.

“It has been wonderful to connect to Yeshiva and to be inspired and to still be able to continue my life abroad” commented Dennis from Berlin, Germany. Sagi from Boston stated that, “The classes have been so deep I never realized that I could study Torah at that dimension before!”

“Wow! This is incredible thank you so much, I really wanted to go and study in a Yeshiva, but now Hashem brought it to my house BH! Thank You! said Max from LA, CA.

Classes have also been enjoyed by community members who now have extra time available. In the words of Pinchas Feinberg of West Orange, NJ “I am so pleased with the provided opportunity to participate in the Zoom learning by the Rabbinical College of America in Morristown especially during these challenging times. With Hashem’s help may we be able to continue with our usual learning after Davening in Shul soon!”

“Torah is healing and during unprecedented world situations it has always led us to take unprecedented steps to help heal the world…and I believe that we will all emerge in a better and stronger status than ever before…and please G-d may it be soon!” said Rabbi Moshe Herson, dean of the Rabbinical College of America since 1970.

New students world wide are encouraged to attend at least one class of their choosing – Free of Charge.

Contributions from Shluchim and interested students are accepted.

Shluchim in the US and abroad are very pleased that their “Mekurovim” are being included in this program expansion.

For further information, please contact Rabbi Hecht at 973 668 3219

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