Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim Theme Song 5780 – “ונפלינו”

The Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim 5780 has released their theme song for this year. The song, “ונפלינו,” is a song to the tune of “Ata Vechartanu” composed by Shneur Zalman Minkowitz with vocals by Eli Marcus.

Kinus Theme Song 5780 – ונפלינו from Tzeirei Hashluchim on Vimeo.

Composed by: Shneur Zalman Minkowitz
Music: Music Studio NYC |
Vocals: Eli Marcus

T.T.T.O. Ata Vechartanu

Mendele is a young Shliach living far away.
Different from the other children with whom he does play.
Yarmulke and tzitzis Mendel wears alone.
The only child with no TV at home.

Sometimes on Mivtzoim people look the other way.
But somehow his joy on his Shlichus gets stronger every day.

I know who I represent
By the Rebbe I was sent
To be a single spark
His candle in the dark

A lonely island there may be no land in sight
But I’m a lighthouse here to make the ocean bright.

ורוממתנו מכל הלשונות
We are in the greatest family.
ושמך הגדול הגדול והקדוש
Our home is 770.

וקרבתנו it’s my pride and dignity.
You brought me closer, Rebbe you believed in me.

עס גייט א שליח our shoulders held high.
ונפלינו no need to be shy

The Rebbes image shines from within me
שלוחו של אדם is my identity

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