Chabad of Yonkers Receives $100,000 Security Grant

A Chabad synagogue in Yonkers, New York, has received $100,000 to improve its security infrastructure. The funding was granted by the Federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Several initiatives to increase public funding available to places of worship for the purpose of strengthening security measures have recently been promoted in the US, at both the state and federal levels. The need for such measures became even more apparent after fatal shootings targeted synagogues in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 2018 and Poway, California, in April.

Chabad of Yonkers Rabbi Mendy Hurwitz expressed his gratitude to Congressman Eliot Engel, who represents parts of the Bronx and Westchester County, where the synagogue is located.

“For the past two years, Chabad of Yonkers applied for the homeland security grant, the rabbi said. “Both times we weren’t approved for the grant.

“I reached out to our Congressman and he told me, when you will re-apply for the grant, reach out to me and we will assist you in any way possible because ‘that’s what I’m here for.’ This time when I reapplied, I reached out to the Congressman’s office and he and his staff were extremely helpful. We were approved for the grant,” he added.

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