Nshei Chabad Releases Video: Outreach Challenge

The whole world feels that something awesome and unusual is unfolding but people don’t know what it is. We have the merit to understand, as the Rebbe told us, that we are the “last generation of Exile and the first generation of Redemption.” How can we help bring the world to realize that all this is the coming of Moshiach?

The Rebbe has given us a gift: Mivtzoim!

The Nshei Chabad Mivtzoim Committee of Crown Heights has created an inspiring video consisting of interview clips with women who are involved in Mivtzoim. The participating Lubavitcher women share their thoughts and feelings, alongside people on the “receiving” end in various settings. The video is highlighted with brief excerpts from the Rebbe.

Who are these Nshei Chabad women doing Mivtzoim? They’re people like you, and the students in our schools, and even toddlers (and sometimes our husbands). They simply carve out an hour or two in their schedule and get busy with an outreach activity that interests them.

When the Jewish seniors at their center see the ladies coming in the door, they smile and know they’re in for a dose of simcha, a bit of Torah info, and a mitzvah like giving tzedaka or making a brocha.

Look! There goes an intrepid Lubavitcher woman taking the opportunity to do something for another Jew. She is catching a flight at the airport, or she’s on the boardwalk, or at the doctor’s office, or even in a prison, and she’s giving a smiling recipient a pamphlet with chassidic ideas, perhaps opening up the possibility that the person’s life will change forever.

Throughout the video there are upbeat ideas and creative tips about what works for people on Mivtzoim. The video also touches on the central idea that while doing Mivtzoim a person can become an “instant shaliach.” Some ladies describe their amazement that, although they went out to do the inspiring, they themselves became inspired and motivated.

As one woman expressed it, “Mivtzoim is for everyone – come join, find a place for yourself, make friends, and use your own skills (or even discover some hidden ones). As there are so many facets to the area of working together with others for a greater good, and a number of projects to choose from, you may very well find that you bring a little extra meaning into your already busy life.”

The Rebbe wrote that “the aid given, both materially and spiritually, is a special merit for those who dedicate their time and effort, and G-d may be fully relied upon to pay back in a most generous measure.” [Letters From the Rebbe, Volume 3].

It is suggested that shluchos and out-of-towners use this video to good advantage and show it at one of their upcoming events, as it will surely energize members of their communities.

Needless to say, since many more people are joining in the Mivtzoim activities all the time, the budget is expanding exponentially to cover the growing costs of brochures in several languages, Shabbos candle kits, Shalach Manos, matzohs, etc.

NEWS FLASH: Please mark the date on your calendar and watch for announcements about our exciting first Mivtzoim Auction on Sunday, March 3 at Lubavitcher Yeshiva. It promises to be a fun evening of amazing raffle prizes, entertainment, and a beautiful program.

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    • 2. Mindy wrote:

      Call/text: 917 291 2287 for material
      Come and join our first auction in lubavitcher yeshiva on Sunday March 3rd כו אדר א
      Beautiful prizes ,
      Sara Karmely will tell us the Rebbe guidelines to her for outreach
      Watch a cast of 48 children from the Tambourines accademy of crown heights, and more go onto our website towards the end of the week and check our prizes mymivtzoim.com


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