Shots Fired Outside Chabad School in Los Angeles


A suspicious individual was shot at a Chabad girls high school in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon.

Police and paramedics responded to the Ohel Chana High School, located inside Etz Jacob Congregation on the 7600 block of Beverly Boulevard, at 12:24 p.m.

In an email to parents, the school said it’s security guard observed the man canvassing the outside of the school.

Video (see below) shows the suspect filming the school property just moments before he was shot.

When the suspect was confronted, he became “belligerent” and was shot in the leg. The victim was conscious and breathing and was transported to a local hospital.

Authorities initially identified the victim as a man in his 30s. However, in videos posted to YouTube the individual identifies as transgender, and “prefers to be identified as female”.

The victim filmed the entire incident and uploaded video to YouTube. One video shows the man observing Frum girls on the street while wondering aloud if it’s a “Jewish tradition” that they are dressed a certain way. He circles the building while filming and making comments. He is confronted by a security guard, who repeatedly asks him to stay away from the building.

The individual then approached a security guard standing behind a fence. The guard drew a firearm and pointed it low, holding it steady for several minutes. He then appeared to lower the gun for a moment, but quickly brough it back up. At that moment, the gun appears to go off in his hand. It’s not clear from the video whether the shooting was intentional.

The individual began shouting “(Expletive) shot me. (Expletive) shot me in the leg!”

The individual continued filming as bystanders and then paramedics come by to provide assistance.

The circumstances of the shooting were under investigation.

Letter from the school:

Dear OCHS Parents,

We want to inform you about an incident that took place at the school this afternoon.

An individual was canvassing the outside of the school building.  When he was confronted by our school security guard.  After becoming belligerent, the security guard did shoot him in the leg (he is not critically injured).

We are happy to inform you that absolutely no students were hurt or in danger at any time during this period.

As a precautionary measure, the school building was put on lockdown and will continue to be on lockdown until further notice that all has been cleared by the police.

The students are currently being given extra time to relax before going into class.  We davened an early mincha and will keep posted.

Thank you for your understanding.


  • 1. Graham wrote:

    The security guard discharged his gun at a photographer it was livestreamed on youtube

  • 2. suspicion isn't a crime wrote:

    A suspicious individual was shot at a Chabad girls high school in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon. The school was placed on lockdown, and will continue to be on lockdown until further notice that all has been cleared by the police……”what is suspicious about someone videoing?”

  • 3. David Schaefer wrote:

    What is suspicious about filming? I watched the entire video, the guard is completely at fault and should be in prison for shooting a pedestrian on the sidewalk. A camera is not a weapon. You should not be carrying a gun if you do not know how to descalate situation and can’t be responsible .

    • 4. Sandy maoz wrote:

      Of course it s a weapon…and if this very questionable undividual were aboveboard he could have made an appointment..come in thru the front dkor and come without a camers. Kol ha kavod to the guard. How many Pittsburgh’s and aushwitz s do we need? Rendition here of tom lehrer a sond and everyone hates the Jews. Life..liberty..self defense. The guard did his job well. What a world

  • 5. Chayim wrote:

    Why didn’t the guard just call the Police right away instead of watching him for half an hour??!!

  • 6. Why would they hire a person like that to guard? wrote:

    The guard is 100% at fault for the incident. A person walking around filming interesting buildings in LA was the reason this guard shot someone.

    Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a person video recording the area from a public sidewalk.

  • 7. John H. wrote:

    In the interest of clarity and truth, at no time was the videographer “belligerent”. The videographer was simply filming the exterior of the building, not “canvassing”. Canvassing, is a presumptive statement that a person has some future [possible] criminal intent. Just wanted to clarify that.

  • 8. Riight wrote:

    Sorry, but are you all stupid, naive, or just die-hard liberals?

    Antisemitism up big time, r”l, 1 year anniversary of parkland shooting which was near a Chabad house, Pittsburgh r”l, and some “random” dude just “happens” to be photographing a Jewish school for “YouTube” for over 40 minutes?! Plus, he was told to leave numerous times yet still skulks around in the alley, filming just for fun?

    Puhleeze. We need more guys like that security guard.

    • 9. SoDak wrote:

      So your saying we need more mentally unstable guys holding a gun outside of schools acting like security that seems so wrong when did we lose the right to take photos in public

    • 10. Anonymous wrote:

      A security guard can’t mandate that a member of the public leave a public sidewalk. That’s ridiculous.

  • 11. Wroong wrote:

    The guard was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. There was zero threat to anybody when the guard discharged his weapon. It doesn’t matter how much antisemitism is on the rise, there was no immediate threat. If the guard thought the person doing the videoing was “casing” the place, the guard should’ve called the police. Especially when he had 40 minutes to call them.

  • 12. Riight wrote: wrote:

    1. Who says he’s mentally unstable? He called the police. They weren’t coming and the guy did not leave.

    2. Forty minutes? Whats so special about that area?

    3. So its ok for someone to stand outside Your home, videotaping all your entrances and exits, for forty, or even five, minutes ?

    Who and what are you to defend the rights of suspicious persons at the risk of our children’s safety, shameful!

    Shulchan Aruch and the Rebbe emphasized to protect our people even if they are coming for Iskei kash v’teven.

    Good shabbos

  • 13. Schneur Zalman Gurary (the one from Simi Valley) wrote:

    My sister, goes to that school. I heard, that, the Security guard got arrested [unfortunately]; I think he was pointing the gun at the ground but it bounced off and went in his leg ( The Meshugene)


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