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Shluchim get Warm Reception at White House

Washington, DC — As in the past, four Chabad shluchim took part in the ‘National Day of Prayer’ event held on May 3rd in Washington DC. The event was attended by President George W Bush, senior members of his cabinet and representatives from both senate and congress.

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The politicians were glad to exchange some words with the Washington Shluchim, Rabbi Levi Shemtov and Rabbi Bentzion Sudak, and with Rabbi Bentzion Geisinsky from Maryland and Rabbi Chaim Sholom Bruk from Montana.

Representatives of Friends of Lubavitch in America took this opportunity to introduce Rabbi Bruk to representatives of his state; Senators Jon Tester, Max Baucus and Congressman Danny Rehberg.


  • 2. mendy wrote:

    btw, on col they commenters are outraged about halacha, however what it say in shulchan oruch is as follows:
    A man should not pass between two women nor should a woman pass between two men because a bad spirit rests [there], so too by a dog between two people and two people between a dog, and so too a palm tree…
    Nothing about stand still (or posing for a photo)

  • 4. Question wrote:

    Is it permisable to take a photo of a woman between 2 men, Hillary may not be a woman?

  • 6. AZW wrote:

    Chaim Shaul, why the frown with Rebetzin Clinton? You certainly look a lot more happy with Sen. Lieberman!

  • 7. Gruntig wrote:

    TO : Not,
    why do you say she is an anti Semite, she was actually the one who convinced good ole’ Bill to pardon those few Chasiedem.

  • 9. YEHUDIS E. wrote:

    Gruntig, you’re not very gruntig if you don’t realize that those few chasidim that Hillary Rotten Clinton assisted was only to buy off ALL of satmar, so that she could get their votes. She doesn’t give a damn about them or any other yid. She is the same one who kissed madam arafat’s hand more than once. She cares about only one person Hillary Rotten Clinton. if Chas V’sholom she gets into the white house you will see her true colors. It should never happen. Remember, it’s because of her husband (?) that we had a nine eleven.

  • 10. get it straight wrote:

    to Mendy: reform started that way!
    to Gruntig: Z’chor Y’mos Olam, that creature hugged and kissed Shuafat Arafat, and has made numerous untoward comments in the past. She is but a politician and will say or do anything to advance herself do not trust her for a minute.

  • 11. mendy wrote:

    BTW, I did not CH“V mean in any way to deem the halacha foolish or irrelevant, ch”v vch”v.

  • 12. Mendy wrote:

    to get it straight:
    How did reform start? By learning Shulchan Oruch?
    There are people who are not informed in Halacha who think they have the right to criticize anything that doesn’t fit their idea of what halacha is supposed to be. They are especially concerned about the “image” of Lubavitch. “Remove the pictures from the internet!”
    The fact that the shluchim were “oiver” a perceived issur did not seem to bother them as much as the image of Chabad.
    Now please tell me how was reform started?

  • 13. YItz wrote:

    where was Hanina Sperlin? I thought only he had access to politicians and leaders?

  • 14. !@#$%^&*()_+~ wrote:


  • 15. Moshie wrote:

    It is time we stop posting women online! The more we post them the more we realize our insensitivity to tznius! Posting women on a chassidishe website where men and boys have the opportunity to see immodest women is a breech in halacha!
    Shluchim rethink your events! Mixed events later bring to other unfortunate actions that are against halacha! It only starts with the pictures and the shmoozing and the complimenting…..
    Remember man has never had any hatzlocha if he tried raising money in a way that is neged haTorah! The same Aibishter that said no pritzus will be the one to send you your hard eared money!! think again!

  • 16. Kop Docktar wrote:

    These guys make us all proud. they are “doers”. And regarding those who seek to raise s’fekos and shaylos: If there is a halachic problem – we should be guided by Rabbonim, and not layman’s criticism. To do nothing except submit critcism is no inyan. It comes from kina, sina, or tayva.

  • 17. Resident wrote:

    It’s one thing if these Shluchim are forced to take a picture with Hilary Clinton for the press because of certain protocols and courtesies required at such an event.

    IT IS ANOTHER THING, for CrownHeights.Info to shep nachas from such a thing.

    Next time, avoid us all the heart ache and pain, and dont show a picture of the Rebbe’s Shluchim with Pro Arab Clinton.

  • 18. Kop Docktar wrote:

    To paraphrase an old chassidic saying: “Whoever questions the actions of a shaliach, needs to have his tzizus checked.” When a well known Rosh Yeshiva questioned activities at a Lag Baomer parade, the Rebbe z”l/shilta asserted that the Rosh Yeshiva’s tefillin must be posul. V’dal.


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