Photo Gallery: 770 Woman’s Section gets Needed Renovations

The Woman’s section of 770 is getting a much needed and long overdue makeover this week. Windows replaced, and walls being renovated, can be seen in pictures and from downstairs in 770.

To donate towards the renovations go to


  • 1. Nice wrote:

    Now maybe they can get rid of the trash and shipping carts stored overnight and under the benches in the main women’s shul.

  • 2. chaim wrote:

    How much does this renovation cost and who pays for it ? Transparency is a must when using public funds,

    • 3. Sad thing wrote:

      A lot of the damage is vandalism.
      So whatever it costs, until they have security personnel, it will be destroyed again.

  • 4. malka wrote:

    Please do something about no windows in kingston side
    why in the front there is this huge wall? If its beams, put windows in between? It creates such havoc, people climbing to see the chazan or the Torah
    Just put in another window or two


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