Mezuzah Week in Tel Aviv – A Spiritual Revolution

A revolutionary campaign under the title ‘Mezuzah Week in Tel Aviv’ has recently been launched by the Central Chabad of Tel Aviv, where residents will be able to check the Mezuzot of their homes free of charge and purchase kosher mezuzahs.

Rabbi Joseph Gerlitzky, the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s chief emissary to Tel Aviv-Jaffa, says that the goal of the campaign is to ensure that every Jew in the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo is given the opportunity to be protected and secured by checking the mezuzahs and installing kosher mezuzahs.

Mezuzah is one of the most beloved mitzvot of all the Jewish people throughout the ages. It is a testimony and declaration that Jews live here proud of their Jewishness and the tradition of their forefathers, “says Rabbi Gerelitzky.” Sometimes, out of lack of awareness or lack of time, there are those who still do not have kosher mezuzahs in their homes. That is why we initiated the Mezuzah Week in Tel Aviv, to give everyone the opportunity and awareness of this issue of kosher and meticulous mezuzahs. ”

As part of the campaign, huge advertisements are placed on buses in Gush Dan, on social networks, and in personal mail for hundreds of thousands of residents. More than 35 Chabad centers throughout the city and neighborhoods are participating in this campaign, in which every one of them will be able to approach the nearest outpost, bring the mezuzahs from his home for free inspection with a certified scribe, and purchase mezuzot with full guarantee subsidizing 25% of their price. .

Already today, one day after the start of the campaign, there is a ‘flood’ of calls to the special center set up by Central Chabad, for residents who wish to check mezuzahs and order new mezuzahs at the special price. No Jew will not be left behind, everyone can participate in the spiritual revolution of Tel Aviv. ”

For further details please call the Mezuzah Call Center at 050-633-1133.

For more information, please contact Yitzhak at 050-639-2200

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