CTeen Shabbaton Singer Announced by Video

With an all star lineup of past Shabbaton performers including Gad Elbaz , Alex Clare, 8th Day, Nissim Black, and Eli Marcus, the question for CTeeners—from Sydney to Prague—is who’s next?

Three months ago, Cteen’s INTL board of teen leaders voted for Yaakov Shwekey. Today, their dream became a reality with CTeen’s announcement of this year’s star performer.

On the video announcement, Shwekey shared: “I Matter”, the theme of this year’s shabbaton is a message  I often incorporate in my music. I can be stronger; we are a miracle; this is your time.”

On several occasions, the Rebbe mentioned that the Yetzer Hara confuses us by bringing our self worth and intrinsic value into question: מי אני ומה אני. This year’s Shabbaton theme will address this challenge by instilling a message of inherent value in each teen: Each person is custom made by Hashem, who hand picked their family, time and place of birth, their qualities, and even their apparent deficiencies. Whatever situation they are in, they should know that since creation, there is a unique opportunity waiting just for them to elevate it with purpose.

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