Parents United Fundraiser A Massive Success

Fundraiser run by Parents United raised $120,000 for Cheder Chabad of Monsey. The money is being used to secure pay for the teachers of the school.


Cheder Chabad of Monsey, like all other schools, struggles to balance a massive budget and tuition costs.

A dedicated group of parents came together to alleviate some of the burden, and give the teachers a firm and solid groundwork to continue their work.

The group, coined Parents United, held an auction and fundraising event in the Pomona area, with the focus on helping pay teachers directly.

The event, hosted by Mr and Mrs. Eli Steinmetz, saw a turnout of over 130 parents. Between the auction, matchers, and Chai Club, the event drew $120,000 in donations for the school.

Discussions were held about forming committees that would focus on specific issues and goals, and parents were asked to fill out a cards offering their time to help with things like building upkeep, security, and extra curricular activities.

The event was a resounding success, with special thanks to the matchers: Mr. and Mrs. Hayman, as well as the ScheinerLitzman, and Klein families.

If you would like to participate and donate: Click Here

Part of the Parents United Board: Ari abramowitz, Rafael Hauisman R’hayman, Boruch Weingarten , and Eli Steinmetz.


  • 1. AMAZING wrote:

    Finally parents realize the effort that schools put in to the chinuch of their children, and that you are not entitled to free things…

    • 2. DS wrote:

      Free?? We pay 10,000k tuition. That is far from free!
      The school needs to do a better job so that it can operatate properly and not need parents who pay these kinds of numbers, to keep giving and giving. Bh we had a successful fundraiser to pay teachers, but this model of operating a school is NOT sustainable!

  • 3. Dovid wrote:

    Eli & Shterny Steinmetz really are amazing for putting this event together and for doing this amazing chesed!!


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