Camp Emunah: Tuition Break for the First 25 to Sign Up

Camp Emunah has announced a limited tuition break generously sponsored for this coming summer in the following press release:
Mr. Jay Wartski will pay $1000 towards Camp Emunah tuition for the first 25 kids to apply from Crown Heights – restrictions apply.
In honor of Camp Emunah’s 67th season – the 1st 25 kids from grades 4, 5, 6 or 7 who register will receive $1000 grant from Mr. Wartski and his family, restrictions below.
Registration opens Sunday December 30th (22nd of Teves) at 7:00 pm.
Summer vacation is a critical period of a child’s life. Anxiously awaited from the onset of the school year, kids enter the summer months with unbridled enthusiasm.
The camper’s time at Camp Emunah is invested in happy experiences that foster a deep sense of pride in her Yiddishkeit and Chassidshkeit – Experiences that will guide her growth throughout the year.
This campaign succeeds in removing a sizable financial burden from each household, permitting a new generation of campers to enjoy the unique Emunah experience.
* Applicants must fill out all necessary forms to receive this discount
* Must qualify for Feeding program
* Limited to one session per family
* Does not include any trip fee

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  • 1. nice, but update your website wrote: features dates and rates for Summer 2018, and no mention of this grant. It would be helpful to update the site prior to press release. That said, yay Camp Emunah!, an oldie but goodie.


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