Chanukah in Georgetown

This Chanukah, the concept of spreading the light was taken quite literally by Rabbi Avrohom Holtzberg of Chabad of Georgetown, Brooklyn. Throughout the eight days of Chanukah every corner of the neighborhood was reached and reminded of the miracle. Whether it was the tens of bochurim who were sent out to each Jewish home in the neighborhood, and sat with the families every night of Chanukah distributing over 2,000 menorahs and Sufganiyot; or the endless parties for the families that were organized, the community agrees this was a Chanukah to remember.

On the first day of Chanukah, hundreds of children flocked to the annual Chanukah Wonderland event at PacPlex. After a high powered program run by Rabbi Shimmy Wienbaum, where the children learnt all about the Festival of Lights and won some great Chanukah gifts, delicious Pizza, Soda and Sufganiyot was served.

Following, the kids ran for the Inflatables and to the many workshops set up for them. From Donut decorating, to dreidel decorating, to the sand art station to face painting, the kids didn’t know where to start first. If that wasn’t enough the event ended with each child receiving Chanukah Gelt and a very exciting Mini Chinese Auction!

To end Chanukah on a powerful note, Chabad of Georgetown, performed a Public Menorah Lighting at the Local Fairway Supermarket. Hundreds of community members showed up along with their families, needless to say they were not disappointed. It was a heartwarming Ceremony, and the uplifting singing turned heads at the Supermarket and even encouraged more Jews who were simply there to shop, to join the beautiful crowd in the Chanukah Spirit.

Brilliantly M.C.’d by the highly regarded Rabbi Shea Hecht, the place was packed to capacity, everyone watching the beautiful gold menorah being lit. The menorah, built by Ariel Akrab with the help of Chabad of Georgetown Hebrew School was adorned with chocolate Chanukah gelt that was eagerly consumed after the lighting.

Amongst the crowd there was a woman no one can ignore. Mrs. Lola Mozes, a holocaust survivor could not hold back uncontrollable sobs watching the menorah lighting so out in the open with so many Jewish people gathered together singing and dancing with such pride. It was truly an emotional experience.

Everyone left that night all smiles having received their last Chanukah Sufganiyot, candy filled Dreidels and Dreidel Fidget Spinners.

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    the Holtzbergs are wonderful on shlichus, HaShem should give them lots of mazal and zechus etc


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