Lighting the Menorah in Red Square, Moscow

Excitement was high despite the freezing cold as a large crowd, along with millions of viewers from all the news networks in Russia watched as candle was lit by the Cheif Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar.

Each year for nearly two decades, Rabbi Lazar has lit the first candle of the Menorah, in the Red Square of central Moscow. The events, attended by massive crowds, that despite the bitter cold, stood and listened to publicize the miracle and the meaning of the holiday.

Upon completion of the blessings and the lighting of a candle, joyful dancing broke out with singer Rabbi Yehuda Glantz.

Greetings was brought by Israel’s ambassador to Russia Gary Koren, and government leaders sent congratulatory letters with best wishes in honor of the holiday.

The entire event, was broadcast in dozens of local media and international networks, which allowed millions millions of people to view the event, and greatly publicized the miracle of Chanukah.

Photos by Levi Nazrob

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