Newspaper Article from 1929 Unearthed

A newspaper article from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, printed in 1929, has been unearthed that speaks about the Frierdicker Rebbes visit to America.


A reader of has found an interesting news article dated September 18th, 1929.

In the article, it addresses the visit of the Frierdicker Rebbe to America. Mentioned in the article are both the Freirdicker Rebbe, and his son in law, Rabbi Gurary. It discussed the reception the Freirdicker Rebbe received, as well as the great crowds that welcomed him.


  • 1. Error in the age of the Rebbe wrote:

    Interesting that the article says “the 65- year -old leader” when the Rebbe was only 49 years old at the time??!!

    • 2. Ezra wrote:

      The Frierdiker Rebbe’s papers gave his birthdate as 1871 (something commonly done in Russia of those days, to get out of being conscripted into the army). So officially he was 58.

      Only thing I can think of, then, is that someone transposed the digits (turning it into 85), and then on top of that, read the 8 as a 6.

  • 3. Historian wrote:

    Note that Rayatz stayed in Borough Park, rather than Crown Heights, as at that time Crown Heights was not the base of Lubavitch yet.

    • 4. Ezra wrote:

      I’m not sure that’s correct. The Frierdiker Rebbe may have stayed part of the time in Borough Park, but the first place they rented for him was at 184 Brooklyn Ave. (in northern Crown Heights, between Park and Prospect). See, for example, Toldos Chabad b’Artzos Habris, ch. 12.


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