Menorah in the Style of the Beis Hamikdash Available

For the first time, a menorah made exactly like the one in the Beis Hamkidash is available for purchase.

The menorah was first designed by Shluchim from Russia, who worked on it hand in hand with design engineers for over 3 years to reach perfection.

The menorah is 21 inches tall, and weighs 7.7 pounds. Made of 72 separate pieces and assembled by hand, the menorah is made with high quality silver electroplating. This makes for a sturdy and reliable menorah.

Most significantly, this menorah is the only menorah purchasable, which is exactly like the one in the Beis Hamikdash.

It is well known the Koch the Rebbe made of the Menorah to be the way it was in the Beis Hamikdash. The Rebbe spoke that the arms of the menorah were straight, not round, and had it replicated for the menorah in 770.

For information on purchasing one, email:, or call: 315-963-9297.

Be advised that with the first production, quantity is limited.


  • 2. Talmud Menochus 28 wrote:

    Talmud seems to prohibit making exact replicas of vessels of Bais Hamikdosh. Just sayin’…

    • 4. Ezra wrote:

      The prohibition is only if the menorah has 7 branches (and in that case it doesn’t matter whether it has all the decorations). This one has 9, so it’s not an issue.

    • 10. Talmud Menochus 28 wrote:

      Article says:
      “For the first time, a menorah made exactly like the one in the Beis Hamkidash is available for purchase.”

      It claims that this menorah is EXACTLY LIKE THE ONE IN BAIS HAMIKDASH!!

      You guys are saying it ISN’T EXACTLY the same.

      So we have here a contradiction!

      Who knows better, you commentators or the writer of this article?

      You commentators never saw neither the menorah in Bais Hamikdash or this menorah, or the writer of the article who saw this menorah and is describing it?!

  • 12. Made of 72 pieces wrote:

    As opposed to the Menorah of Moshe which was מקשה אחת, no wonder it was hard for Moshe Rabbeinu!


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