Shliach Gets Special Birthday Present for 60th

Rabbi Yossi Chazan, Shliach and Rov of the Holy Law Synagogue in Manchester, UK, celebrated his 60th birthday on the 21st of Cheshvan. In honor of the occasion, his congregation had a special surprise for him.

To acknowledge everything he has done for the Kehillah, and continues to do, the Holy Law Shul arranged 60 individuals to undertake 60 extra hours of learning, and organized 130 people to come to shul on his birthday and learn  B’Chavrusa Maseches Megillah under one roof in the Rov’s honor — many of whom had never learned a Daf Gemara before.

The learning was followed by  a Siyum, Divrei Torah, and Niggunim.

Rabbi Chaim Farro sent a video message for the event, and Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg, Rabbi Benji Rickman, Rabbi  Moishe Wolberg, Shul President Jeffrey Gilbert, and Anthony Haber made presentations.


  • 2. GO CHAZANS wrote:

    A true example how one man can change an entire city!
    all done in such a humble and giving way.
    its nice to see the community showing appreciation for this larger than life figure

  • 3. How many years wrote:

    M”T (Mazal Tov) M”T !! The big 60 Until 120, how many years is Rabbi Chazan in Manchester plz share if u know


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