Miles-Long Traffic Jam Doesn’t Slow Sukkah Mobile

All lanes of the upper level of the Brooklyn-bound side of the Verrazano Bridge were blocked Monday night, causing traffic delays. Included in the jam, which stretched for almost five miles, was a sukka mobile returning from a day of mivtzoim in the Staten Island area. The vehicle sat idle, but the Bochurim that were on it did not.

Seeing that the jam was not clearing up anytime soon, the bochurim in the sukka mobile got to work, and setup their mobile sukka right there.

They attracted much positive attending from other motorists stuck on the road. Being that it was already after nightfall, they couldn’t shake the Lulav with others, but that didn’t stop them from dancing and distributing cake and drinks to those around them.

Jewish travelers were able to hop into the sukka for a bite to eat as supper time went by with traffic still not moving.

The site of the lit up musical mobile sukka amidst the standstill brought a smile to frustrated drivers crawling through the traffic, and one driver even said it was worthwhile to spend a little longer getting home just to see the sukka.



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