Oholei Torah Makes Calendars Available for Free

For the benefit of the Crown Heights community, Oholei Torah has made its new 5778 community calendars available free of charge at local neighborhood stores.

Since its inception 15 years ago, the calendar’s unique large format and appealing style have made it the calendar of choice for Jewish households in Crown Heights and beyond. The calendar includes yomim tovim, various z’manim, Chassideshe dates as well as the school calendar dates.

Designed by Impacting Image, this year’s calendar highlights pictures of the recently inaugurated Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston, an affiliate of Oholei Torah.

You can pick up your complimentary calendar at local stores and the school’s main office. Parents can collect their calendar at the upcoming open house evenings in the school.

As a new service this year, you can request a calendar to be sent to you, at info@oholeitorah.com.


  • 3. Mayer Bloom wrote:

    I don’t get it!!
    Why does a מוסד like אהלי תורה – which posits itself as the ultimate provider of a premium Jewish education – distribute a calendar that gives primacy to the goyishe calendar (which is based on the birth year of their ע”ז) and makes the yiddishe calendar secondary??! Why can’t the year be divided by the Jewish months and not the Christian months??!
    What kind of message does this send out?? Certainly not “לעבן מיט דער צייט”!!


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