Photos: The Lakewood Scoop

Chabad and Lakewood Coordinate Food Truck

In a tremendous display of Achdus among Klal Yisroel, a large truck was filled to the brim in Lakewood, NJ, with kosher food to be donated to stranded and hungry families. The distribution will be coordinated by Chabad of Houston.

The truck was initially supposed to make a stop in Crown Heights for more donations, but after it was filled to the brim in Lakewood, the truck will now head straight to Texas.

The truck is expected to arrive before Shabbos.

Another such truck will be filling up tomorrow.

Mi Ke’amcho Yisroel

Photos courtesy of The Lakewood Scoop


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    Boruch Hashem. Hope the people can use the food and can get back to their homes..

  • Anonymous

    Great job !!!!! I know the People in Huston will really appreciate your erfforts