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Raging Fires in Tzfas Leave Families Homeless


Families were left homeless on Sunday in Safed, Israel, as raging brush fires fueled by sweltering midsummer temperatures and high winds swept through a neighborhood on the northern edge of the historic spiritual center in Israel’s Galilee. Residents were also treated for smoke inhalation during the day.

Colel Chabad, the oldest continuous charity in Israel, established a telephone hotline and aid center even as firefighters continued throughout the day to battle the blaze on the ground and from the air. The fires were extinguished by evening, and a special fund and donation page was established to provide shelter, clothing and other needs for those who lost their homes and possessions in the blaze.

Government and aid officials are in the process of assessing the damage to the Mount Canaan neighborhood, home to Kiryat Chabad, which was established by Chabad emissaries to the city in 1978 and includes the main Chabad synagogue, an international seminary, and other communal institutions that serve the entire city.



  • 1. C. Jacobowitz wrote:

    I live in Tsfat and do not represent anyone or any organization. I simply happen to know these families whose homes were damaged in the fire, in one of which the mother is about to give birth and they had lots of damage done to their homes as you have probably seen in the publicized pictures.
    I also happen to know that if you’d like to donate to the local Colel Chabad, that is helping these families recuperate their losses, you can send a Paypal donation to:
    Rabbi Mauda is trustworthy and has served faithfully in the local Colel Chabad that has been helping many local families in all ways..
    If you donate via Paypal, please mention “fire fund” somewhere in the text section…
    Tizku L’mitzvos!!!

  • 2. Osher wrote:

    If this would happen in Los Angeles the city wouldn’t stand for it, the police, fire fighters, ambulance, will be there…..

  • 4. What's the Halacha? wrote:

    What is the appropriate action if such a fire broke out on Shabbos? Is Fire and Rescue summoned in Eretz Yisroel as usual? Do firefighters extinguish the fire and return to their quarters and homes just as they do during the week? Are firefighters regarded in Halacha the same as Hatzalah? Where do we find contemporary piskei dinim on firefighting on Shabbos?


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