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770 Yeshiva Thanks 1,013 Donors

Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi, the head Mashpia of Tomchei Tmimim-770, thanked the 1,013 donors who helped them reach their goal.

On Sunday, the Yeshiva of 770 embarked on an ambitious $260,000 campaign on The campaign was backed by Rabbi Eliyahu Shlossberg, Rabbi Yitzchok Raitport, Rabbi Sholom Ber Drizin and Rabbi Shaya Boymelgreen, as well as The Meromim Foundation – all of whom provided the matching funds.

“I simply want to say thank you to all the Bochurim that worked on the campaign and to all those who donated.” said Rabbi Zarchi “May hashem pay you tenfold.”

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  • 1. Ich vill mer wrote:

    Why only ten fold. That means my donation of $20 will just get me $200. Why not bless everybody with אלפי רבבות.


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