Darchei Students Take Daily Tzedaka to the Next Level

Rabbi Zalman Friedman’s 7th grade class at Darchei Menachem doesn’t just start the day with giving Tzedaka, the simple yet deeply meaningful act has taken on a life of its own. At the beginning of each month, the boys vote for a local charity that will benefit from the funds collected, then proudly display their “receipts” on their bulletin board in an award-like setting. This month, they chose the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn.

Rabbi Berel Majesky, who together with his wife Chani directs the local Friendship Circle, visited the class, spending a few minutes talking to the boys about the various programs the organization offers and how it impacts the community.

The message conveyed was, one does need not to wait to be an official volunteer to be in tune with the children and young adults with special needs, rather, each child should take upon himself to be more inclusive of all children, be it at school, down the block or in the park, everyone wants to be included and have a friend, be a friend!

If you have a Pushka and would like to donate its contents to the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn, please contact the FCBKLN office: 718.907.8835 or hello@FCBrooklyn.com.


  • Inspired

    This amazing idea will have many ripple effects. I’m about to do this now with my students. Thank you very very much for sharing. A great way to begin the summer.

  • Shifra and Puah organization

    We also received a very generous donation from Kita zain of Darchai Menachem.
    This enabled us to continue to help new moms.

    Thank you Rabbi Friedman and the whole class