L.A. Cheder Gives a Special Birthday Gift

On Sunday, 3 Sivan, the talmidim of Cheder Menachem of Los Angeles , together with their parents, grandparents, relatives and friends,  gathered together to mark the culmination of over two months of learning Mishnayos and Tanya Baal Peh, as a present to the Rebbe in honor of Yud Alef Nissan.

This year’s achievements include, Mendel Schmukler, 8th Grade, who was tested on the entire Seder Moed Bvas achas, as well as Masechtos Brochos, Bava Kama and Bava Metzia and 4 Perakim of Tanya. Levi Cohen, 8th Grade, who learned the entire Seder Moed, as well as Masechtos Brochos, Midos, Bava Metzia and Perakim of Bava Kama, Avos and Zevachim, as well as the first three Perakim of Tanya.  Yossi Heidingsfeld, 5th Grade, who learned Seder Moed, Masechtos Brochos, Bikurim, A Perek of Avos and the first three Perakim of Tanya.

In the spirit of Maalin Bakodesh, the Talmidim learnt this year a total of over 75,000 lines of Torah, including 5,001 Mishnayos, which includes 564 perakim and 67 complete Masechtos, and 14,000 lines of Tanya, including over 200 complete Perakim and a number of Bar Mitzvah age Talmidim who completed the first 12 perakim of Tanya Baal Peh.

Talmidim were awarded Seforim of their choosing (based on their point total) for their efforts and achievements. Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshivos, Shluchim, Mashpiyim, parents and friends joined together to recognize and congratulate the achievements of the students.

Rabbi Mendel Greenbaum, Menahel of Cheder Menachem, welcomed everyone with a D’var Torah and giving a Yasher Koach to the talmidim. Words of Bracha were shared by Rabbi Yosef Halevi Shusterman, Shliach of the Rebbe to Beverly Hills and Rav of Anash, as well as by Rabbi Boruch Shlomo Cunin, Head Shliach to the West Coast.

A special presentation was made to Reb Yankel Ginsburg, the “Zevulun” of the Cheder’s MBP Program, who sponsors the Seforim on a yearly basis, L’iluy Nishmas his father, Reb Dov Reuven ben Dovid HaLevi o.b.m.

Rabbi Sholom Heidingsfeld, the coordinator of the Mishnayos Be’al Peh program, announced the accomplishments of this year’s MBP, which was followed by awarding the Seforim to the 3 talmidim with the highest accomplishments. Mention was made of the new initiatives for Mishnayos Baal Peh this year, the Siach HaSodeh program, where Talmidim can get tested throughout the year on the Mishnayos they learn in class, the Sefer a Month Club, for Talmidim to review a complete Masechta every month and receive a Sefer, and the 12 perakim Club, encouraging Talmidim to complete learning the first 12 Perakim of Tanya before their Bar Mitzvah. After this, every talmid was called to come up and was presented with a certificate for their achievements and the Seforim they earned based on their achievements.

Thank you to photographer Yudi Vogel, and a special thank you to Mrs. Ruchie Stillman, R’ Nochum Labkowsky, Mr. Sam Kustanovich, all the Rebbeim and Menahalim of the Cheder and the Cheder board for all their help in ensuring the success of the day’s events.

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