Bar Mitzvah in the Wake of Terror Attack

In response to the terror attack in Manchester which left 23 dead and over 60 injured, the most devastating attack to hit England in over a decade, a vigil memorial was held in the city’s Albert Square. Students of Yeshivas Lubavitch Manchester participated in the vigil, and encouraged any Jews they met to do a Mitzvah in memory of the victims.

Joining the effort was Rabbi Schneur Cohen of Chabad in the City; Students of Yeshivas Lubavitch Manchester: Mendel Chein, Levi Deren, Mendel Ehrenreich, Nochum Freedman and Menachem Schmukler, as well as volunteers from Cteen: Ben Bursk and JJ Martin. They took to the bustling Albert square to promote Unity, sharing the message of the Rebbe to add in acts of goodness and kindness to bring about more peace and harmony in the world.

They put on tefillin with men, and passed out water and food to the police officers which have been standing with them, protecting them throughout.

In the course of the event, the Bochurim saw this as an opportunity to make a Kiddush Hashem by speaking on various European News casts, on channels such as MTN UK, BFM TV France, Channel 5 Crotia, Ria 3 Italia and many more. Spreading Jewish ideas and messages of the Rebbe.

A 52 year old man approached the booth, which was decorated with signs that proudly proclaimed “pray for manchester – pray for the wounded – we are manchester, we are together,” and asked what the booth was all about. In conversation, it was discovered that his mother is Jewish, to which they asked “would you like to put on tefillin? He replied that he had never done it before.

So in the middle of a busy street, filled with supporters and passersby, he agreed to put on tefillin. He was “Bar Mitzvah’d” right then and there. They sang a song and took some pictures and wished each other Mazal Tov.

“With the hope, that through spreading the Rebbe’s message of World Unity, and doing Mitzvos. It will lead us to the final redemption with Moshiach Tzidkainu. Amen,” said the organizer.

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  • 1. The kangeroo wrote:

    Manchester needs a lot of prayers one For the ciTy injured and one for the Yeshiva.Refuas Haguf for the city and refuas hanefesh for the Yeshiva.


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