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Girls Join Older Sisters in School Amid Strike

Being that the younger grades of Bais Rivkah are currently undergoing a teachers’ strike, the students of Bais Rivkah’s older grades brought their little sisters with them to school today, giving their mothers a much-needed break to prepare for Shabbos.


  • 2. Yisroel shemtov wrote:

    This is why their is a Shidduch crisis in crown heights. The girls have no leadership! Kudos to the girls for showing True leadership!

  • 5. Wow wrote:

    The teachers are truely amazing , still not getting paid and they continue to educate our children
    Administration, the board, have Rachmunus on these wonderful and caring teachers who are going above and beyond.
    Administration give up the gig, get a job and work like regular people. Get your hands out of the pot, hand over the books, money and let new people take over .
    You are continuously failing, how long must the teachers wait? Are you waiting for your money? How may teachers are getting eviction notices, cut of service from phone, gas , electric ? Bais Rivkah is a community school not a private entity.
    One day you all will have to answer to the one above.
    How can you go into Shabbos peacefully sitting at your beautifully set tables, when there are those who are suffering.
    Give it up .

  • 6. lol wrote:

    this was without permission… thankfully mrs teichtel didnt send the girls home

    • 7. Appalled wrote:

      Duh. Its also without permission that salaries are being withheld. That school was cancelled for younger grades. All of this is totally illegal.
      Students need to go on strike. Shut down the school and and form a new entity with a totally new administration.

  • 8. Feh! wrote:

    The main purpose of school is to babysit the kids. Teachers are glorified babysitters. Very nice!

  • 9. Cold winter wrote:

    Sad please go to the ohel and tell the rebbe that you went on strike because the rebbe owns the school

    • 10. Warm Summer wrote:

      Stop blaming the teachers. Why don’t you go to the Ohel and tell the Rebbe that the school isn’t keeping a mitzvah d’oriasa – the requirement to pay your employees on time, every time, and not to withhold wages.
      Tell him also that the school is breaking the law of the land by not paying the teachers in full and on time, and the teachers can’t even file for unemployment, because that would be mesira,
      Stop blaming the teachers!

  • 11. Moishe pipek wrote:

    #2 This is called the blind leading the innocent ……If you want to lead tell your brother to pay the teachers enough Bul……..

  • 12. Grateful we left wrote:

    Painting a pretty picture doesn’t make this horrible situation any better. How do these men sleep at night? These precious girls are our future.

  • 13. Amazing!!! wrote:

    It was very kind of Mrs. Teichtel!!!! Kol Hakovod! You made these innocent little girls so happy. Thank you!!

  • 14. Moishe pipek wrote:

    Maybe Crown Height should open chadorim like they used to have in the times of the Baal Shemtov. A place you can take care of your babies do the laundry etc.While some underpaid righteous person will teach their kids.


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