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Rebbe’s Secretary Delivers Matzah to Prime Minister

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was visited today by a delegation of Chabad Chassidim, led by the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s personal secretary Rabbi Leibel Groner.

The delegation gave the Israeli leader a box of Shmura Matzah, baked in Kfar Chabad, and delivered well wishes for Passover to him and his family on behalf of the Chabad community.

The Prime Minister thanked the group for the gift, reiterated his admiration of the Rebbe and the vital work of Chabad, and returned Passover well wishes to the entire Chabad community in Israel and around the world.


  • 1. The kangeroo wrote:

    Netanyahu can afford to buy his own matzo.It would be better if they spent the money to pay the Beis Rivka teachers.

  • 2. No wonder i couldnt reach rabbi groner wrote:

    No wonder i couldnt find rabbi groner in his office this week. I hope rabbi groner had some influence on netanyahu not to stop expanding settlements and not to go along with any peace plan that endangers israel

  • 3. the kippah looks good wrote:

    nice on Bibi….and whomever orchestrated this one to make him wear a Yarmulke…


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