Photos: Makava Rebbe Visits Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Ohel

The Makava Rebbe, Rabbi Shimon Lemberger Shlita, paid a visit to the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Ohel in Queens during a visit to New York from his home in Kiryat Ata, Israel.

Photos by JDN

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  • C V

    The Makava Rebbe is one of the few “Old School” Rebbes today. He told someone that the mesiras nefesh of a Lubavitcher is unparalleled, and it runs in our veins. It was said from a very practical viewpoint, that us Lubavitchers have generations of mesiras nefesh in us. (Even a bal teshuva that is sincere) Because we are hardwired with the oppression of a Russian Jew in us. The Russian Chasidim of old had to fight to be frum, whereas elsewhere they were not persecuted for their religious beliefs. His Rebbetzin calls herself a Lubavitcher, and I was zoche to bring her to the Ohel. It was an incredible experience.